Prove nothing and call it grace.

May 4, 2016
bud mex city



    May 3, 2016

    Thank you, Jen Toal, for the rad homemade gift.

    Bud Fairy
    bowl of Bud
    Budwood Fairy


      Feet Keep Movin

      April 29, 2016



        The whole world is a coincidence

        April 8, 2016

        What an incredible thing to cross paths
        in Mexico City with one of my dearest.
        Danny Buddy Pyramids
        See you tomorrow on the boat, Danny.


          Punned in the face

          April 5, 2016

          I’ve just decided that if I become an interior decorator
          you will call me Queen Motifah.


            My passport number

            April 4, 2016

            He read all 4 pages of small print to her.
            It was the customs form.
            I imagine they’ve been together 72 years
            and he will read her anything
            like it was the word Love
            over and over forever. Hello Mexico City.
            reading to her



              April 3, 2016

              You don’t know me.
              You know a mistake I made.


                church of the broken axe handle

                March 28, 2016

                What a cool story it would be if one of my best friends
                was one of my favorite poets and I saw him open for
                one of his heroes, closing the set with a poem he wrote
                for the time I was a banged-up heart, making a line full of
                grown men cry, at a rock concert, the same day I met my first
                alien. Downtown Los Angeles, I am rising in love with you.
                derrick whigs



                  March 27, 2016

                  Afternoon. Interest you in an Easter cookie?
                  stigmata easter cookies
                  The bread took three days to rise.


                    I experienced Bashar

                    March 26, 2016
                    Screen Shot 2016-03-27 at 1.59.06 AM


                      Whistles like a ghost town

                      March 24, 2016

                      Posts been slow ’round here as I work to meet a script deadline
                      and play reverend for a friend’s weddin’ in the north.
                      Least I can do is offer ya these pictures from San Jose of
                      a large tumbleweed waitin’ in the middle of a busy intersection,
                      then makin’ a left turn.
                      tumblewed middle
                      tumbleweed left turn


                        Screening Calls

                        March 22, 2016

                        Showing Awesome Thank You this Thursday March 24th,
                        starring Buddy Wakefield, written by Jon Ryan Sugimoto,
                        Raleigh Studios, Pickford Theater, 5300 Melrose Avenue,
                        Hollywood, CA, 7pm
                        Awesome Thank You Promo


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