You the staggering answer

August 31, 2015

Los Angeles, we got this.




    All in

    August 30, 2015

    After 3.5 months in the safety of Boulder,
    I leave for L.A. on Monday.
    The only way I could be more excited
    is if I didn’t have to leave Andrea to get there.
    Photo on 2015-08-29 at 17.02


      Flare Gun arrow ON

      August 28, 2015

      Image of my first chapbook (2001) thanks
      to Shihan Van Clief

      Shona and I stapled about 300 of them.
      Then played rummy.
      And listened to Blackalicious.
      Killed three raccoon with 93 Ferrero Rocher’s
      sometime around there
      by accident. Our yard was gold wrappers.
      Home with you and Wileen will always be a high point.
      Love from L.A.-bound.


        Buddy Benjamins

        August 16, 2015

        Still think artists aren’t fairly compensated by online sites?
        Take a look at THIS, suckas! See y’all down at the bank!!
        music reports


          Bernie the champion of the world

          August 15, 2015

          I remember the woman on the plane prior to Obama being elected
          telling me “America just isn’t ready for a black president.”
          I remember rolling in my skin like some restrained honey badger
          daydreaming to snack out her vocal cords, wondering how I might
          add height to her short-sighted. “If not now, then when?”

          I suspect in the coming months I will be sitting next to that woman
          a thousand times over listening to people try to convince me
          that America just isn’t ready for an honest politician.
          Bernie Sanders, You have my vote.
          Stay on track, Bossman.

          U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders, an independent from Vermont and 2016 Democratic presidential candidate, speaks during a campaign event at the Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena in Los Angeles, California, U.S., on Monday, Aug. 10, 2015. Some 27,000 people descended Monday night on the Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena, which has hosted acts such as Madonna and Pink Floyd, to hear from a raspy-voiced 73-year-old who has become the 2016 political season's breakout star. Photographer: Patrick T. Fallon/Bloomberg via Getty Images

          PS Think “The Onion,” and I suspect there’ll be less people
          baffled by this article in The New Yorker.


            Stunt Double

            August 13, 2015

            As we work toward finally producing a DVD of
            live performances, interviews and outtakes
            not found on YouTube, I’d be grateful to receive
            any and all footage you may have, be it from
            the recent Riled Up and Wasted On Light World Tour,
            from The Ok Hotel in 1998,
            and any candid moments along the way.
            Austin crew
            Due credit is assured. Willing to consider special requests.
            Email with a link,
            or to ask questions, or for the mailing address.


              The Perfect Proud

              August 9, 2015

              There’s this one I’m gonna miss most about Boulder.
              Gentleman Practice with Faye

              Early Happy Helluva Birthday, Andrea, before you’re
              swimming in all the well-deserved well-wishes later this week.

              Love, Bud

              Poster by David Ayllon (2011). Photo taken tonight by Megan Falley.


                Single Point Focus

                August 8, 2015

                Just after my 41st birthday on a walk in Boulder
                I told Andrea and Emily I intend to be an actor now
                and that I want to move to Los Feliz by October,
                but I don’t wanna pay more than $XOXO for a studio,
                and it needs to be furnished because I just sold or gave away
                everything I owned, again.

                Two weeks later, upon being evacuated from
                a Vipassana meditation center due to a wildfire near Yosemite,
                I hopped into a car headed West with a guy named Clay
                only to end up at a different Vipassana center
                nearer San Francisco.

                Before I walked into the kitchen the next morning to begin service,
                the other servers asked Clay who was with him.
                Clay told them he didn’t know much more than
                I was a poet looking at moving to Los Angeles.

                When I walked into the kitchen a woman named Lexi approached me
                and said she was once on the Pittsburgh Poetry Slam team.
                Oh, and also, she heard I was considering a move to L.A.
                and that if I was interested,
                she was trying to find someone to take over her lease in Los Feliz
                before October for exactly $XOXO.
                The only catch is that she’s considering a move to Peru
                and doesn’t want to take her things,
                so it’s furnished.

                When I remove the screen
                from this window in my new Los Feliz apartment
                I’ll be able to see that strange white sign on the side of the mountain.
                I’ll be sure to include the Griffith Observatory in the next photo.
                Application approved yesterday.
                Moving from Boulder to L.A. on August 31st to write,
                and be an actor.


                  Aunt Pam made me smile today

                  August 3, 2015
                  all the gods


                    Relax your brain

                    August 2, 2015

                    I’m supposed to be editing or being a writer
                    or some other such self-imposed Sunday sentence
                    but all I wanna do is walk the creek and cheer on
                    the 3000 Ironman competitors.
                    I couldn’t bear the thought of leaving before
                    the last person crossed the finish line.
                    last man through
                    What an unexpected treat this incredible day turned out to be.
                    Making up power phrases for exhausted runners may be my new favorite past time.


                      You had me at the four agreements

                      August 1, 2015


                        From Bristol, Weighing in at 437 pages

                        July 31, 2015

                        If you’re lookin’ for a great motherlovin fiction novel.
                        fair fight
                        Good gravy I enjoyed this. Big time.
                        There’s no one in it I didn’t learn from.
                        The whole perfect of the work kinda put me quiet,
                        with a black eye,
                        the sort of which there is no shame in showing off.


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