October 20, 2014

Headed out to catch a flight for Belgium
unable to deny the sneaky separation anxiety cropped up
from leaving South Africa, and the Indian Ocean,
The Indian Ocean
and from Tiny and Thabiso and Q,
and from Thuli and Page
who let me make myself at home in their laughter.
Thuli n Page
The text I wrote for the collaboration with
Durban photographer Mark Lanning says,
durban art poem2
“We become mountains
scalloped in the floors of daybreak
buried in the landscape
breathing like an epitaph bearing the words,
‘God is everything happening at once.’”

It seems relevant to how permanent/impermanent I feel
about this incredibly constantly leaving.
Poetry Africa 24
I have every reason to be happy,
but I am so sad today.
I’m gonna miss you for a long time, Africa.


    Back-up faith

    October 18. 2014

    While Page and Sphindile took the crowd next level
    I practiced squats.
    Pretend in Durban


      The Sit Still

      October 11, 2014

      Today the relief of hearing Durban journalist Vivian Attwood ask a man,
      “Who are you so almighty you can’t make a cardinal error?”
      Today any music video by Perfume Genius.
      And write for a while. And rest.
      And I found a panoramic of the fellas.



        Now New Industries

        October 8, 2014

        Let your head
        climb back down through your throat
        and into your body
        so it can see just how good you look
        when you’re not compared to anything.


          All manner of rescue

          September 29, 2014
          Chitungwiza Crew
          Yesterday at Shoko Festival’s Peace in the Hood free concert in Chitungwiza
          there were b-boys who used the dirt at sundown, no cardboard,
          and were as good as any I’ve ever seen, before they turned into dust in the headlights.
          Goose bump epic.

          This morning I met Moyo, the baby rescue elephant who wanted to play.
          And Pickles the Wart Hog who prefers his belly scratched.
          Both were at the Wild is Life, Grand Zimbabwe wildlife sanctuary
          Wild is Life Wildlife Sanctuary
          where this baby giraffe munched on over and got in on the love.
          Feed the giraffe
          Went straight from there to catch a flight to Johannesburg
          where I just finished dinner with the Word N Sound Poetry and Live Music Series crew.
          Shoko Festival, Dikson, Wadzie, Nikita, Sam, Lauren, Bex, Roxy, Thabiso, Tabs, Q…
          Top of the charts. Thank you for the last 48 hours. Y’all are the real goods.
          moyo dhamma
          There’s a thunder storm right now and it’s all I can do to not break into Toto….


            Wild-Eyed and Wandering

            September 25, 2014

            Australia, I will miss you heaps.
            Thank goodness I did not see a kangaroo; means I gotta come back.
            For now I can stop spending all my spare time scanning the landscape for
            anything that appears to be hopping, or occasionally disemboweling people;
            I’m in Africa now, wild-eyed and wandering.
            See you Saturday.
            PS The abandoned crib in the lonesome hallway beyond the open door
            next to my room at the hotel is tryin to get all haunted up in my Zimbabwe visit.
            zimbabwe crib
            PPS Airplanes with ash trays in the arm rests
            make me think the mechanic is still real good at his/her job.


              Missenden and King

              September 4, 2014

              Sydney, New South Wales, You have returned me to the time of my life.
              A forever-sized hug to this city and the people in it,
              to Word Travels for booking this leg of the tour,
              and especially Anne Marie, Pip, Lucky and Jacob,
              my open-armed Dulwich Hill housemates
              who gave me three weeks of home home home.
              Dulwich Hill Crew
              It is my last day in Sydney before flying to Brisbane in the morning
              and I am not eager to pack.
              Sydney, you’re 100% in my book. In all the books.
              There are too many smilin’ moments to detail,
              like seeing sunset from the shower;
              or strollin’ up on that fig tree with Carlos Hornibrook,
              Sydney fig
              and Gilgamesh holding a lion.
              Gilgamesh holding a lion.
              I cannot wait to be a writer again.
              Gilgamesh sign


                Points tip

                August 26, 2014

                Saw the Sydney Opera House
                opera house
                and a foosball sculpture that the guys were playing behind me
                foos ball
                and the Pacific Ocean from an East coast
                east coast pacific
                and the world’s steepest railway down Blue Mountains with the fellas
                steepest railway
                and an Ibis on a dumpster
                but I’ve not seen a single kangaroo, koala
                or glaring difference in the human condition.



                  Aerial Animation

                  August 20, 2014

                  Nailed it! Go go go!!
                  See how my friends Abigail Baird and Andy Cook are charging hearts:

                  When we are on stage and they hand us a microphone and ask us how it feels,
                  I think of you and I want to say, ‘Call 911, tell’um we are having a fantastic time.’
                  –Abigail Baird


                    Roo for rent

                    August 19, 2014

                    G’day Y’all!

                    Eight months into Riled Up and Wasted On Light – Buddy Wakefield’s 2014-15 World Tour (Skipping Chechnya) and still going strong. Here’s the what’s up:

                    1) There are birds outside my room in Sydney that sound startlingly akin to a cat in heat. Pay no mind, the people are super stinkin’ friendly.

                    2) There are FIVE new t-shirt designs and a new poster available on

                    3) If interested in booking a Buddy Wakefield show, the final leg of the tour runs late January through March 2015 on the U.S. East Coast (Maine all the way down to Florida). Contact for information, available dates, and pricing on workshops and performances. There are also dates available in Europe/U.K, late October 2014 through mid-January 2015.

                    4) There is no such thing as a massive spider in Australia. There is no such thing as a massive spider crawling into the bathroom in Australia. There is no such thing as a massive hand-sized spider crawling into the bathroom in Australia. There is no such thing as a massive hand-sized spider with friends in Australia. There is no such thing as a straight jacket for screamers. There is no….

                    5) The full list of dates for Europe and Africa have not been released yet (keep checking back!), but the Australia dates are all posted on

                    6) I can hardly wait to join up with Anis Mojgani at two of the Australian shows. He’s awesome as peanut butter. The presence of a friend like Anis (or peanut butter, or you) sure helps keep me bright-eyed on the road. Come visit.

                    Buddy Wakefield – Official Page


                      Hello, Day.

                      August 5, 2014

                      How do you make a duck into a soul singer?
                      Put it in the oven at 350 until its bill withers.




                        July 29, 2014

                        In the Winnipeg airport now headed to Saskatoon for the Potash Fringe Festival.
                        This picture just landed in my inbox from the Picraux brothers in Nebraska.
                        They attended the Louder Than A Bomb show back in the U.S. and wanted to send some kindness,
                        encouragement for the long road ahead.
                        Thank you Artbeat Studio and The Wright Family for making Winnipeg such a success.


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