Treats & Snoozin

November 10, 2014

Did a necessary server switch for
The merchandise page works smoothly and properly again.
Check it out.

All emails are also channeling to me correctly once more, no worries.
Feel comfortable emailing
if you’ve contacted that address for important matters recently
and not gotten a prompt response,
or if your message bounced.

Nov. 12-23 I’ll be at Vipassana in Belgium
so will likely not be able to respond until then
but rest assured emails are consistently and safely arriving now.
Copenhagen building
From Copenhagen to Brussels today
enjoyin’ the views in month 11 of this world tour.



    November 7, 2014

    Absolutely. Start to finish. Top of the charts. Uh!



      November 5, 2014

      red carpet
      “As humans we need to turn everything from our struggle into a resource.”
      –Michael Horvath, Orebro, Sweden (Thank you for the warm venue,
      a cozy home, pea soup, and cheese tomato toast.)
      Thanks also to Maria Bjork’s family, Regina Theatre,
      and Uppsala, Sweden. Was somethin special
      to be toured around that epic church…
      Uppsala Church
      …and the antique autopsy theater
      by a local history major
      with a light beam built into her glasses.
      uppsala museum
      The guy who invented the categorizations for plant life
      is buried under the church.
      The first ever Celsius thermometer is across the street in a museum.
      Go Uppsala with your inventive shteez
      and a lovely color palette for perfectly-painted houses.
      It’s rumored that once, when the organ began playing here,
      Sonya Renee Taylor filled the largest church in Northern Europe
      using only her singing voice.
      neon jesus
      “Where one is the other must be.”
      — Neon Jesus


        You party?

        November 2, 2014

        I got no problems bending over backwards
        for the chance to do shows with y’all again
        March 1-10, 2015
        but let’s just make it happen real easy.


          Rest up buttercup

          October 30, 2014

          Just confirmed an artist-in-residence
          at Besienders Huis on the river in Nijmegen, Netherlands
          for a three-week writing break over Christmas and the New Year.
          Could not be more amped about this opportunity as I enter month 11
          of the Riled Up and Wasted On Light World Tour.
          Here are the remaining dates for Europe/U.K.

          besienders huis



            The After Party

            October 22. 2014

            The European leg of the world tour starts tonight.
            Leuven, Belgium I sure hope you’re as welcoming and rad a crowd
            as you are a delightful and stunning town.
            You’ve got a tough act to follow…

            Africa After Party




              October 20, 2014

              Headed out to catch a flight for Belgium
              unable to deny the sneaky separation anxiety cropped up
              from leaving South Africa, and the Indian Ocean,
              The Indian Ocean
              and from Tiny and Thabiso and Q,
              and from Thuli and Page
              who let me make myself at home in their laughter.
              Thuli n Page
              The text I wrote for the collaboration with
              Durban photographer Mark Lanning says,
              durban art poem2
              “We become mountains
              scalloped in the floors of daybreak
              buried in the landscape
              breathing like an epitaph bearing the words,
              ‘God is everything happening at once.'”

              It seems relevant to how permanent/impermanent I feel
              about this incredibly constantly leaving.
              Poetry Africa 24
              I have every reason to be happy,
              but I am so sad today.
              I’m gonna miss you for a long time, Africa.


                Back-up faith

                October 18. 2014

                While Page and Sphindile took the crowd next level
                I practiced squats.
                Pretend in Durban


                  The Sit Still

                  October 11, 2014

                  Today the relief of hearing Durban journalist Vivian Attwood ask a man,
                  “Who are you so almighty you can’t make a cardinal error?”
                  Today any music video by Perfume Genius.
                  And write for a while. And rest.
                  And I found a panoramic of the fellas.



                    Now New Industries

                    October 8, 2014

                    Let your head
                    climb back down through your throat
                    and into your body
                    so it can see just how good you look
                    when you’re not compared to anything.


                      All manner of rescue

                      September 29, 2014
                      Chitungwiza Crew
                      Yesterday at Shoko Festival’s Peace in the Hood free concert in Chitungwiza
                      there were b-boys who used the dirt at sundown, no cardboard,
                      and were as good as any I’ve ever seen, before they turned into dust in the headlights.
                      Goose bump epic.

                      This morning I met Moyo, the baby rescue elephant who wanted to play.
                      And Pickles the Wart Hog who prefers his belly scratched.
                      Both were at the Wild is Life, Grand Zimbabwe wildlife sanctuary
                      Wild is Life Wildlife Sanctuary
                      where this baby giraffe munched on over and got in on the love.
                      Feed the giraffe
                      Went straight from there to catch a flight to Johannesburg
                      where I just finished dinner with the Word N Sound Poetry and Live Music Series crew.
                      Shoko Festival, Dikson, Wadzie, Nikita, Sam, Lauren, Bex, Roxy, Thabiso, Tabs, Q…
                      Top of the charts. Thank you for the last 48 hours. Y’all are the real goods.
                      moyo dhamma
                      There’s a thunder storm right now and it’s all I can do to not break into Toto….


                        Wild-Eyed and Wandering

                        September 25, 2014

                        Australia, I will miss you heaps.
                        Thank goodness I did not see a kangaroo; means I gotta come back.
                        For now I can stop spending all my spare time scanning the landscape for
                        anything that appears to be hopping, or occasionally disemboweling people;
                        I’m in Africa now, wild-eyed and wandering.
                        See you Saturday.
                        PS The abandoned crib in the lonesome hallway beyond the open door
                        next to my room at the hotel is tryin to get all haunted up in my Zimbabwe visit.
                        zimbabwe crib
                        PPS Airplanes with ash trays in the arm rests
                        make me think the mechanic is still real good at his/her job.


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