D. Chump

October 5, 2015

Hey Hey! Stanley Chow,
who did the first illustration
in my new book Stunt Water,
just made the cover of New York Times Magazine.
chow trump
Stanley had this to say about Trump:
“He’s going to be well pleased
that it’s a Chinese lad from Manchester
illustrating his face…”
Stoked for you, Stan.
congratulations man.


    Boomer’s big day

    October 1, 2015

    Today is the release of STUNT WATER (!!!)
    Hardcover stunt water screenshot
    Edited by Jeremy Radin.
    Foreword by Andrea Gibson.
    Published by Write Bloody.

    *If you pre-ordered via  before today expect your signed copy within two weeks. Thanks for your patience. Papa’s got a lot to sign, and I like to personalize’m, not just slap my name on it.


      Two Buddy’s Breathing

      October 1, 2015

      “A Little Ditty Called Happiness”
      is the last song on the CD, Run On Anything.
      The outro is a carnival of harmonica
      recorded by this man, Buddy Wakefield.
      East Coast Buddy Wakefield
      He called me “West Coast Buddy.”
      I called him “East Coast.”
      We were both from Texas.
      I’d found him on Google once
      when I was seeing if there were any other
      Buddy Wakefields. He was excited
      and would send me family photos
      of large bands of musicians from the early 1900’s,
      posed together, all Wakefields. We were not related.

      “Everyone knew Buddy as the ‘Harmonica Man.’ Over the years, he gave away more than 6,000 harmonicas. He taught harmonica to youth and adults alike to help improve breathing problems. He started “Better Breathers” support groups in several hospitals in the area and surrounding states. This program spread across the U.S. and to several countries around the world.”
      (click for full article)

      East Coast Buddy Wakefield started Better Breathers.
      I am completely in love with that.

      Tonight I walked to get strawberry buttermilk
      ice cream in a warm churro sandwich
      and saw the news of his passing come through on the phone.
      While I’m sure thoughtful for his family at the moment
      I cannot help but smile a little,
      same way I smiled when S.N. Goenka passed.
      Downright warm, delightful and ready men.


        Heir Apparently

        September 30, 2015

        When I started writing these things down
        I had no idea they’d stick.
        2013-03-11 21.29.03
        forgiven me
        Now that all my poetry books are out of print
        except for the collection being released tomorrow,
        Stunt Water is the closest thing I have to a tattoo.
        HDD tats
        2013-02-09 21.18.42
        Flourescent Fixture
        chaos tat
        Stunt Water
        The Buddy Wakefield Reader (1991-2011).
        Edited by Jeremy Radin
        Foreword by Andrea Gibson
        “Created from his first three books of poetry,
        which are now out of print,
        Stunt Water offers…a comprehensive look
        at the pivotal works of Buddy Wakefield.”

        Includes the previously unpublished poem ‘Disclaimer.'”
        Pre-order by tomorrow (Oct. 1st) at noon for a signed copy.
        life after survival
        HDD Tat
        Convenience Stores

        2012-09-05 21.44.31
        Ashlie Layne
        Forgiven Me
        The Information Man
        not everyone wants to go home
        Forgive me
        Mom, I swear I did not encourage anyone to get a tattoo.


          Sheet Music

          September 29, 2015

          Had to pull some pretty serious
          strings along the way to
          get the new book published.
          It’s called STUNT WATER.
          If you pre-order by October 1st via

          at least one person in that bed
          will sign it.
          Get in on this.

          Photo by Matt Wignallwith Derrick Brown and Russ Tamblyn.


            Big time

            September 28, 2015

            3 days left to rock a pre-order
            of STUNT WATER via the merch page
            in central park
            if you want a signed copy.
            scribble bud jams
            Just pointing that out.


              Stairing at you

              September 27, 2015

              The guy on the right wrote it.
              D B and Faye

              The guy on the left published it.
              d n b stairs
              The guy in the middle foreworded it.
              faye laugh
              STUNT WATER
              If you guys pre-order it on the merch page
              it will be signed by this guy.

              Photos by Erik Lomen
              with Derrick Brown and Andrea Gibson.


                Friday Night Lights

                September 26, 2015

                I live here.
                Screen Shot 2015-09-26 at 2.36.59 PM


                  The Sea Section

                  September 25, 2015

                  Hey Bro. You Stunt Water?
                  Yeah, you Stunt Water.
                  Climb on in.
                  Summer days! 008 (2)
                  Who? Oh, the guy in
                  the judgement suspenders?
                  That’s my publisher, Derrick. He’s cool.
                  We’re just celebrating the jams.
                  Pre-order by Sept. 30th via
                  for a signed copy of 20 years of jams.
                  It’s real smooth, sailing.


                    in push

                    September 24, 2015

                    STUNT WATER
                    The Buddy Wakefield Reader (1991-2011)
                    Edited by Jeremy Radin
                    Signed copies on pre-orders placed
                    by September 30th via
                    Jon Ryan Shot
                    Photo by Jon Ryan.


                      Kernel B. Cornfield

                      September 23, 2015

                      Write Bloody Publishing and
                      Child of the Corn
                      present STUNT WATER
                      (a new book by Buddy Wakefield
                      made from 3 out-of-print books
                      and unpublished work).
                      child of the corn
                      Personalized signed copies
                      only available on pre-orders via
                      Release date is October 1, 2015.


                        The Gospel of Lightning

                        September 14, 2015

                        I wrote this new poem
                        for the wedding of
                        Robyn Mate and Matt Intemann,
                        a couple who literally met
                        standing in a group of people
                        at a festival
                        struck by lightning.
                        They married on Saturday after 14 years.

                        Andrea jumped in on ukulele
                        and we had an unrehearsed, go at it.
                        I’m in love with it.


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