January 11, 2015

At the venue in Iceland tonight.
I asked Ragga if I could use this piano in the show.
She said, “Sure if you like. It is Sigur Ros’s.”
face jam



    January 10, 2015

    Oh Reykjavik, you shouldn’t have…
    Reykjavik Grapevine


      Epic center

      January 9, 2015

      What I noticed
      Leif Erikson Hotel
      when I walked out the front door of my hotel
      Leif Erikson Church

      in Iceland this morning
      still dark at 10:45am.


        Bring on your boogie man

        January 8, 2015

        straight sponged
        All I’m sayin
        is if humanity has a chance
        I can help with that.


          Cliff diving Notes

          January 3, 2015

          Mindmap from an attendee at today’s workshop in Holland.
          Here’s what Dennis Gaens got from it…
          gaens workshop


            From Nijmegen, Holland

            January 1, 2015

            Video: New Year 2015


              the art of die smilingly

              December 28, 2014

              You’re not the only piece of patchwork birds can pull worms from.
              blind albino boys west bengal india
              Photo by Brent Stirton


                Pot Calls Kettle

                December 27, 2014

                Even good hearts know
                how to turn bad touch and genocide into clichés
                just to make room for more comfort.


                  Sick white beast

                  December 26, 2014

                  I choose to politely ask myself to step aside if I am in my own way.
                  If I do not get out of my own way
                  I choose to call a friend who will have me removed.


                    How the last night of a tour feels (in two parts)

                    December 23, 2014

                    leigh bud 1

                    leigh bud 2
                    Photos by Ian Rees


                      The Honor System

                      December 20, 2014

                      This is a nonfiction account of a relay race to the light.
                      I don’t claim to be properly cross-referenced beyond the self-indulgence or noble aspirations but I have a good feeling I’m on the right track.
                      I am still very much unfolding from a memory of ransacked truths.
                      Openly human.
                      Stunt water.
                      I can fit any word into my mouth and speak it clearly.
                      At some point I have eaten most of them.


                        Maybe Désirée

                        December 19, 2014

                        Last night I moved into my new Holland home for three weeks.
                        It’s from the 1400’s.
                        There’s a river and a Christmas tree.
                        It’s five+ stories to myself.
                        I haven’t explored the fifth floor because I didn’t find it until 4am and, well….
                        I did find this new little friend in a nest with tiny eggs in its hand
                        behind a wee door downstairs.
                        peep mouse 2
                        I’m waiting for a 7-year-old friend in Michigan to name it.
                        Jon (Danielle Plunkett), what we gonna name it?
                        Igford? Grizzly? Burrito? Tank?

                        Update: Fifth floor…
                        fifth story
                        nijmegen christmas tree


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