Pot Calls Kettle

December 27, 2014

Even good hearts know
how to turn bad touch and genocide into clichés
just to make room for more comfort.


    Sick white beast

    December 26, 2014

    I choose to politely ask myself to step aside if I am in my own way.
    If I do not get out of my own way
    I choose to call a friend who will have me removed.


      How the last night of a tour feels (in two parts)

      December 23, 2014

      leigh bud 1

      leigh bud 2
      Photos by Ian Rees


        The Honor System

        December 20, 2014

        This is a nonfiction account of a relay race to the light.
        I don’t claim to be properly cross-referenced beyond the self-indulgence or noble aspirations but I have a good feeling I’m on the right track.
        I am still very much unfolding from a memory of ransacked truths.
        Openly human.
        Stunt water.
        I can fit any word into my mouth and speak it clearly.
        At some point I have eaten most of them.


          Maybe Désirée

          December 19, 2014

          Last night I moved into my new Holland home for three weeks.
          It’s from the 1400’s.
          There’s a river and a Christmas tree.
          It’s five+ stories to myself.
          I haven’t explored the fifth floor because I didn’t find it until 4am and, well….
          I did find this new little friend in a nest with tiny eggs in its hand
          behind a wee door downstairs.
          peep mouse 2
          I’m waiting for a 7-year-old friend in Michigan to name it.
          Jon (Danielle Plunkett), what we gonna name it?
          Igford? Grizzly? Burrito? Tank?

          Update: Fifth floor…
          fifth story
          nijmegen christmas tree


            Disappear from a room

            December 15, 2014

            Month twelve of the 16-month Riled Up and Wasted On Light World Tour
            is nearly sweet history.
            Two more shows left on the U.K. stretch
            before a three-week writing residency in The Netherlands.
            If I could only pick a friend or two from each leg of the tour
            to stay there with me for the holidays.
            Shave the kaylen
            We could cook up cocoa and bake stuff,
            Eric Wright
            build blanket forts and play hide-and-seek in the dark
            Sailin Carl
            and make a pillow slide on the stairs.
            Thuli and Page
            Man that would be so great.
            I know y’all prolly can’t.
            I’ll catch up on writing instead,
            thanks to Dennis Gaens and Besiendershuis.
            I’m gonna miss the safety of being with you, Leigh and Sarah.
            Leigh and Sarah



              man snaps in slim gym

              December 11, 2014

              In Hinckley, England for the day. Last time I was here I sat in a dry sauna in the men’s locker room at a friend’s gym. There was a small window that allowed me to see the whole empty locker room. Two beefed-out bros on roids (zit backs, accessible veins, abducted necks, etc.) blasted into the locker room and aggressively paced around without aim, carrying on in a congratulatory manner about how awesomely they had just gotten their pump on. It was like watching two 9-year-old boys get amped about how they had destroyed the imaginary enemy in a war they invented. Somewhere toward the end of all the muscly affirmations, the one raging bull shouts to the other with conviction, “This is what it takes to be a god!”

              Any reaction I had been building toward was stunned out of my body. I felt like I had just witnessed a murder and that if they discovered me sitting in the sauna hearing the private zealous bonding I would surely be consumed for gains. I am thankful I have lived to tell the tale so that future generations might read this and know what it truly takes to rule (basically, get super thick).
              sackville street


                Regarding Everything

                December 10, 2014

                command strip


                  Heads up

                  December 9, 2014



                    From Every Angle

                    December 7, 2014

                    With warm friends on a rare day off
                    preparing Sunday dinner to enjoy ’round the table
                    in front of a seriously cozy fire drying out our clean clothes.
                    Leigh Adams and Sarah J Coleman, y’all are the real goods
                    and ongoing proof that I’m a lucky man.
                    Privileged indeed.

                    Despite the heaps of blessings surrounding me
                    here on tour in England,
                    I am following the unrest at home in the U.S.
                    with equal parts joy and sadness,
                    encouraging a complete and honest leveling of the proverbial playing field.

                    Leigh and Sarah


                      Do those come in steamed?

                      November 24, 2014

                      When ordering at any restaurant in Brussels
                      there’s a strong chance it’ll only be funny to you every time asking,
                      “Do you serve the sprouts of your motherland?”


                        Treats & Snoozin

                        November 10, 2014

                        Did a necessary server switch for
                        The merchandise page works smoothly and properly again.
                        Check it out.

                        All emails are also channeling to me correctly once more, no worries.
                        Feel comfortable emailing
                        if you’ve contacted that address for important matters recently
                        and not gotten a prompt response,
                        or if your message bounced.

                        Nov. 12-23 I’ll be at Vipassana in Belgium
                        so will likely not be able to respond until then
                        but rest assured emails are consistently and safely arriving now.
                        Copenhagen building
                        From Copenhagen to Brussels today
                        enjoyin’ the views in month 11 of this world tour.


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