July 18, 2015

It finally arrived
just in time for three weeks after Half-Christmas!
new tube
Headed to Boulder Creek now.
Life after tour? Don’t mind if I do.


    (firm believer in)

    July 8, 2015

    Searching the net to find good video for a submission when
    this showed up from 8 years ago…

    Best I remember Mike McGee had come out of the store
    wearing a pink hat Derrick Brown bought him that said F.B.I. Jesus.
    When I went to remove the price tag Mike said to me,
    “People need to know the deal we got on this hat.”
    That’s all it took.


      Sunny Buns

      July 4, 2015

      So there I am gettin some sun on my pasty gut
      chattin it up with Anis in Berkeley…
      20 minutes later I check Twitter
      [to see if Karl the Fog has commented] and
      I notice that Anis has posted this pic with the words
      “America’s new Bald Eagle.”
      july 4 sunnin
      Next time that guy is showering nude under the garden hose
      y’all are gonna know about it.
      Happy Fireworks of July.


        North Fork

        July 1, 2015

        We were evacuated on Day 7 of the Vipassana course
        because the Corrine Fire was ripe. Gobbled up 1000 acres.
        I caught a ride West with the meditator in front of me. Clay.
        We ended up at a Vipassana center north of San Francisco to serve.
        I left the service period early to let an injured hand heal up.
        Flight doesn’t depart ’til July 6 so I decided to follow the day.
        A woman at the center was headed to a midwife in Petaluma.
        Of course Sarah Healy‘s home is there.
        Sarah told me where the hidden key is. On the way
        I opened my phone to see social media fireworks for legal love.
        Spent the night meditating with Jasper the cat
        purring snug in my lap. Bus to Oakland the next day
        for surprise reunion BBQ with the KaganTrenchard‘s and crew.
        The Gideon Hug. Of course Anis is in town. Revival. We slept
        in a Berkeley hilltop home with a view of the Golden Gate Bridge.
        Took a train to San Francisco Pride.
        Met up with Joe and Stephen at the heart. Nikki too. Huge smile.
        Dipped out to catch the BART in time for Alameda dinner
        with Berardi‘s. On the way from Joe Kowalke to Jon Berardi
        there was a clearing in the crowd and a view of the city.
        I stood still there, listened to a man play Pachelbel’s Canon
        on a stringed harmonic lap piece. Joe, Jon and I met
        exactly 20 years ago at a camp in Indiana.
        We were on the same team.
        They played Pachelbel’s Canon at the graduation.
        The Berardi’s left yesterday for Indiana.
        I am in their new home until my flight leaves on the 6th.
        Thanksgiving all week long.
        If you caught my post a couple months ago
        about the hitchhiker I picked up in Oregon 1000 miles
        away from where I met her last year, you can appreciate that
        of course we crossed paths yesterday.
        We ate Thai food in the shade and paid attention.
        She’s on her way to Mount Shasta with her new gold dog.
        Of course she needed a ride to Muir.
        Of course that’s where I first said the words,
        “You’re amazing for the things you see” from My Point Forever Endlessly.
        Of course I said it to Jon Berardi as Joe ran laps on the horizon line.
        Of course we took a selfie and I touched the ocean.

        Tonight I’m having dinner with Katie Wirsing.
        We’re gonna watch Anis feature in Berkeley at The Starry Plough.
        Get here. It’s not that far.
        My whole life people told me Venus is closer to the sun than us.
        Of course, tonight it has made its way near Jupiter. Look up.


          On with body

          June 10, 2015

          Nearly a month straight of cooking my own meals,
          yoga, CrossFit, pool, sun, NBA Playoffs with Andrea,
          watching the kids at the skate park,
          seeing Evan Young give his graduation speech,
          meditation, reading Cristin‘s New York Time’s best-seller (!!WHAT?!),
          bike rides near the racing creek,
          fun with the local improv acting crew,
          writing again, recovering from 16 months touring,
          catching up with friends, facing West.
          life after survival
          Departing Boulder tomorrow for Cali to do a show in Fresno
          then be at a Vipassana center ( until July 5th.
          Will be off the grid without phone or email,
          so if you post or send a message and there’s no response… fair enough.
          Boulder, I’m sweet on you, and I’m coming back for a second date,
          tubing, batting cages and a guitar (so I can get the basics down for that
          new CD we’re recording at Besiendershuis Nijmegen, 2016).


            Now cake

            June 4, 2015

            For weeks I’ve been privately listening to all things Eckhart Tolle on YouTube as I hole up in a now sunny patch of Boulder, well-recovering from tour, having reluctantly sold off everything I owned once more in order to detach, start over, largely living in a state of “we’ll see.” Thank goodness. What’s left is packed in a bright blue bag at the foot of a bed in the guest room of a friend’s home. I just now found this clip of Jim Carrey introducing Eckhart Tolle, six years ago today (June 4, 2009, my birthday), when I realized a lifelong personal goal. I could hardly be more on board with the volition in this video and what it represents. This post I’m posting is from a place of being stoked on serendipity, not a ploy for bday wishes. Not necessary. This year what I want is to introduce you to my love. Please, be a respectful family about the video clip I’m bringing home for you to meet… If you disapprove, maybe that’s a-okay and you’ll still find it in ya to bite your lip, observe without comment, and just be happy that I’ve fallen in love again, with the point of this video. I’m probably gonna ask it to marry me:




              May 21, 2015



                Hella Dimmer Switches

                May 20, 2015

                dimmer switches
                Jon Berardi y’all.


                  Guitar Repair Woman

                  May 13, 2015

                  I was at a Vipassana course when Mother’s Day arrived
                  so Mom made a collage in our honor.
                  Commenting on my affinity for Conway Twitty’s glasses
                  during a time of Journey and the Miami Vice everything-must-go rack
                  would just be downright cruel.
                  mom collage
                  Sorry about the glare off my chin in the right side pic.
                  It was an accidental collision between the flash and the Clearasil.
                  I love you, Mom.


                    The ticklish forever

                    April 29, 2015

                    Walkin off the grid to Vipassana til May 10th.
                    the ticklish forever
                    Be good to each other.


                      Free may have made it hard to breathe

                      April 23, 2015

                      1) If forced to pick a favorite, this.
                      2) It’s been up for over a year and has 180 views.
                      I’ve watched it at least 27 times.
                      I’m in love and can no longer be selfish.
                      I write alongside it when no one’s watching.
                      3) It’s 16 minutes and 31 seconds long,
                      which statistically means only about .75 of you
                      will ever click play, hungry badgers.
                      4) Consider passing the video on to true-of-heart quality
                      artists navigating in good form, whether in front of 15 or 15,000.


                        Puzzles with Mom

                        April 22, 2015

                        Puzzle 2
                        Mom and me 2

                        April 21, 2015

                        Mom Puzzle
                        Mom and Me


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