Free may have made it hard to breathe

April 23, 2015

1) If forced to pick a favorite, this.
2) It’s been up for over a year and has 180 views.
I’ve watched it at least 27 times.
I’m in love and can no longer be selfish.
I write alongside it when no one’s watching.
3) It’s 16 minutes and 31 seconds long,
which statistically means only about .75 of you
will ever click play, hungry badgers.
4) Consider passing the video on to true-of-heart quality
artists navigating in good form, whether in front of 15 or 15,000.


    Puzzles with Mom

    April 22, 2015

    Puzzle 2
    Mom and me 2

    April 21, 2015

    Mom Puzzle
    Mom and Me


      Today I met my nephew

      April 18, 2015

      Liam Zane


        In Concert

        April 16, 2015

        One of the most influential and trusty heroes
        of my college years, Lee Shefferman, saw a poster
        for the the final show of this epic Riled Up
        and Wasted On Light World Tour, which will be
        realized tomorrow where he now works as
        a counselor at UNC in Greeley, Colorado.
        Neither of us knew til last night.
        Tonight I got to eat dinner with he and
        his two little girls (made out of calm candy and
        smiles that melt steel). One of them sang me a song
        from Little Mermaid. Whole restaurant clapped when she finished.
        There are 16 months (maybe 40 years) of reasons
        I hold these tears on top of my face,
        all of which have to do with arriving.
        Lee and me
        See y’all tomorrow night for one last show
        (before I fly to Texas and put puzzles together with Mom!):
        Tickets via
        Coincidence must be made of magnets.


          Land the plane

          April 15, 2015

          I was the ONLY passenger on the flight into Kirksville, MO.
          Captain Matt let me ride shotgun.
          We were 8000 feet up when he took this picture.
          Kirksville Flight
          Thank you Truman University
          for an unforgettable second-to-last show
          of one long motherlovin world tour.
          And thank you aggressive handsome man in the St. Louis airport
          for offering me a handjob at the urinal.
          While I didn’t feel comfortable accepting,
          I was having a bad hair day
          and ya really made me feel like one of the gangbang.

          “…and I lift my glass to the awful truth
          which you can’t reveal to the ears of youth
          except to say it isn’t worth a dime.” – L. Cohen


            Bring it in

            April 13, 2015

            Bam! Photo courtesy Jon Berardi,
            Buddy and Jon
            the man who produced all my CDs.
            That’s he and I twenty years ago.
            Bummer Mervyn’s went out of business
            or I’d be able to better help anyone
            in the market for some blossoming khaki shorts.


              Geese bump

              April 6, 2015

              I once had two geese, The Colonel and Mrs. Marple.
              They were very much in love.
              Mrs. Marple died.
              A week later The Colonel started laying eggs.
              I had to rethink how I looked at Colonel.
              I also had to find Colonel a good home
              so he wouldn’t be by him… herself.
              Two years later, meet Colonel Lucy and Leroy
              Colonel Lucy and Leroy Leila Louie and little George

              with Leila, Louie and little George.
              Leile Louie and little George


                Finish Line Shine with the nines

                March 25, 2015

                Early last year in Phoenix I made a FB post
                about a woman traveling West with Kaylen and I.
                The post said, “We picked up a rad Slovakian.
                Headed West. Night off. Free to roam.”
                Her name was Patricia.
                She had been traveling the world on her own for six years
                and was looking forward to the West Coast.
                patricia k and I
                Before Patricia could leave Arizona with us
                she had to hear back about an odd job
                that she wanted to follow through on
                to avoid leaving the employer high and dry.
                When it was time for Kaylen and I to pull out,
                Patricia had to stay behind.
                A year later, today, I stopped to pick up a hitchhiker
                in Klamath Falls, Oregon.
                patricia hitchin
                Holy Patricia.
                I got out of the van, held my arms wide open,
                watched her backpackin smile run up the shoulder.
                Hug the sun. Yes!


                  The Welcome End

                  March 23, 2015

                  Sixteen months of wide open wild-eyed wander wonder and the gift of a passing landscape. Sharp cheddar and chocolate. I can see the end of this guardrail arriving in tunnels and waves. The trail behind smacks of smoked salt Iceland and South African laughter, breaths of Belgian Vipassana, Leicester hot cocoa, European Christmas markets, hard Canadian lesson plans, 25,000 miles of U.S. peanut butter and the tires of a Steel Horse; sailing and Sydney, Australia; chandelier swinging in Stockholm, hot damn Amsterdam, the warm winter blanket of Nijmegen; Mom’s house when she sings only The Highwaymen’s version of “Take It To The Limit” late at night and gets lost in it; the open approaching arms of Austin, which may or may not be deodorized; bring them no less. Boulder, I am coming to rest on your sweetest namesake when it’s over. I will have the soup, nothing heavy, and a fresh salad, plenty of color. I will take them at my writing desk when I get back from the trail ride, from the sun run, from stretching in the smell of a clean gym. From all of us here at Riled Up and Wasted On Light, thank you. Here’s the last of it for now:

                  March 24, 2014 Sonoma State University, black box theater – Ives Building Room 76, Rohnert Park, CA, 6:30pm

                  March 25, 2015 Volcanic Theater, 70 SW Century Drive, Bend, OR, 7pm (doors at 6)

                  March 26, 2015 Holocene, 1001 Se Morrison, Portland, OR, 7pm sharp

                  April 4, 2015 Richard Hugo House, 1634 11th Avenue, Seattle, WA, 7pm TICKETS ($5 students/$10 general; limited seating)

                  April 10, 2015 The Fremont Abbey, 4272 Fremont Avenue North, Seattle, WA, 8pm

                  April 14, 2015 Student Union Building HUB, Truman State University, Kirksville, MO, 7:00pm

                  April 17, 2015 Soapbox Slam, Miln Auditorium, Kepner Hall, University of Northern Colorado, Greeley, CO, workshop 5:30-7pm; performance at 8pm

                  All tickets available via (otherwise for sale at door).

                  April 25, 2015 Riled Up and Wasted On Light End of the World Tour Party at Ranch Dressing hosted by Derrick Brown and Write Bloody Publishing in Elgin, TX!! Bring a tent, or there’s a Hampton down the street. Holler for details.

                  Who’s gonna drive Steel Horse
                  when I take my hand off the trigger
                  and climb out the sunroof?
                  Uncle Ricky Husband
                  Above: Uncle Ricky’s Husband
                  leigh bud 2
                  Buddy and Leigh in Cardiff, Wales.
                  shoshone wy
                  Shoshone, Wyoming.
                  Photo by Adam Thomas at Monster Bar in Canberra
                  Canberra, Australia.
                  Photo by Stemschot in Ghent
                  Ghent, Belgium.
                  Somewhere in Arizona.
                  Steel Horse
                  Steel horse drives itself.
                  Buddy and Page
                  Durban, South Africa.
                  New Water

                  All ways,


                    The Horizon Line

                    March 19, 2015

                    After a quick pit stop at the dentist in Naco, Mexico,
                    TONIGHT kicks off the home stretch of it!
                    naco dentist


                      one-eyed jack of diamonds

                      March 6, 2015

                      SEATTLE!! 2 shows added in SEATTLE!!
                      Tickets via
                      Today is my first day alone without Kaylen
                      k and me
                      (I’ma miss you so stinkin much, K)
                      as me and the steel horse trek back across
                      the entire South and up the West Coast.
                      See the link above for details to added shows,
                      end of the world tour party,
                      and come on out for the ride.


                        No mysteries here mister

                        February 25, 2015

                        Miracles? Really?
                        How ‘bout reoccurring moments
                        that highlight how much
                        we have not been paying attention.


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