hummin across the sky

November 8, 2018

@itscaseytime just tagged me on this tattoo he got of a piece I wrote 24 years ago. Cannonball Man. Big fat flashback smile. I was so excited to perform it that, once, at the Canadian border with Gabrielle Bouliane and Tim Sanders, when border patrol asked where we were going, I told him we were going to Slam in Vancouver. When he asked what Slam was I started performing Cannonball Man. I’d never seen a border guard smile before. It’s on Spotify; the album Run On Anything.


November 7, 2018

FREE SHOW TONIGHT! Warren Wilson College. Asheville, NC, Kittredge Auditorium, 730pm, which has little do with this meme except that we’ll laugh a bunch.

same day delivery

Maybe a fair thing to do with your far right family and friends today is have a movie night where you each show one documentary exposing man’s inhumanity toward man, especially where matters of civil liberties are at stake. I choose 13th. Am sincerely curious what my Republican family and friends choose.

Middle terms

November 6, 2018

Unplug, Sparky. That rad ripple effect of you
is good for no one today if it’s a rippling asshole.

John Ki[s]m[et]

November 2, 2018

As a general rule I take a pass on promoting other people’s work. Mostly because poets can fill up an inbox quick wanting… Wanting. I can hardly stand reading poetry. What I do stand is by my friend @theangrytherapist who’s worked with me to host a monthly dinner in LA that normalizes conversation around… anything, but largely, frequent specific serendipity and the infrastructure of consciousness. I met John Kim within the first hours of moving to Los Angeles and we’ve been friends ever since. He recognizes that there’s a point of connection in everything and creates notable spaces for people, especially men, to dig a little deeper from their own starting point. If the formula for life is to play to my highest excitement with zero expectations of the outcome, then telling you about my friend’s new book today is keeping me well on track. Also, that’s not my coffee on the table. I never touch the stuff.

Midday train to georgia

AIR Serenbe

Hollow how are you

November 1, 2018

Passive aggression is a useless hood ornament.

Happily ever after we’re not avoiding right now

October 30. 2018

Stop being embarrassed to save the world.

With @ashleehaze
Photo by @asiasamsoncollection

A trick of the trade

October 29, 2018

“I’m the same man now that I was when I changed.” —Reuben and The Dark

Photo by @asiasamsoncollection


October 28, 2018

When I went behind the venue tonight to take a breather,
I was by myself in an empty parking lot.
When I turned around the second time, this was there.

Eye Scream Sandwich

October 27, 2018

Sorry, I’m unable to come to the phone right now. Am at a residency finishing a book.

Note to self

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Note to self. (Tap for sound. @johncameronmitchell)

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