Created by Victoria Petroff and based on a line from Buddy Wakefield's poem Convenience Stores, these cuffs were unintentionally released the same week the US president authorized the comprehensive trauma of hundreds of migrant children by separating them from their parents and storing them in cells.

    The timely sentiment YOU ARE WELCOME HERE may be why the first batch of 40 sold out in 39 minutes. We donated 100% of the proceeds to the ACLU. We're releasing another 100 and will be donating $10 from each one sold to the ACLU to help reunite migrant children with their parents. We'd love to donate 100% again, but Victoria personally makes each one by hand and pays for the materials and we want to make sure this is a sustainable project.

    "Each cuff is 6" of hand-stamped food grade recycled aluminum. They're 18-gauge, so nice and thick but still bendable and one size will fit most. If someone needs a smaller size, we can cut it to fit." --Victoria @vcpetroff

    Shipping: $3 US | $16 Canada | $23 international


    stunt water screenshotEdited by Jeremy Radin and Andie Flores
    Foreword by Andrea Gibson

    Created from his first three books of poetry, which are now out of print, Stunt Water offers classrooms and spoken word enthusiasts a comprehensive look at the pivotal works of Buddy Wakefield. Includes the previously unpublished poem "Disclaimer."

    Hardcover (sold out)
    Release date: October 1, 2015
    Paperback, $20
    Release date: March 15, 2016

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    Three Buddy Wakefield CDs

    buddy-wakefield-3-cdsAll 3 of Buddy's audio CDs:
    - RUN ON ANYTHING (2006)

    3 CDs for $25
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    Note: Each CD also available individually (see below)

    Three Buddy Tour Posters

    buddy-wakefield-tour-3-poster2015 "Riled Up and Wasted on Light” Tour poster
    Artwork by Javier Piñón
    18″ x 24″

    2013 “Out of the Flood” Tour Poster
    Designed by Grammy Award nominated illustrator Stanley Chow
    18″ x 24″

    2011 "Gentleman Practice" Tour poster
    18″ x 24″
    Note: Posters only available as a combo pack

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    Track Listing:

    The Information Man
    My Town
    Air Horn into Bedrooms and Battle Scars
    Human the Death Dance
    Tim and Buddy Banter
    Arizona Summers
    Gandhi's Autobiography
    Guitar Repair Woman
    Giant Saint Everything
    What Do You People Do?
    We Were Emergencies
    Jean Heath
    Older People
    Pretend Intro
    Convenience Stores

    ‘ … never before has a spoken word album been released with such dazzling spirit and brain staining force. This is bound to set the standard for the genre forever.’ -- WRITE BLOODY PUBLISHING

    ‘Buddy Wakefield is one of the most beloved and respected figures in the U.S. and international Poetry Slam scene, and it is a position he has earned through hard work, through his bright and beautiful spirit and by harnessing and sharpening a talent so boundless, audiences can't help but drop their jaws. Thus I was so thrilled to find out that Live at the Typer Cannon Grand doesn't just showcase Wakefield's best-known poems; it exuberantly celebrates everything we all love about seeing him rock a stage live. Nearly each track was recorded in a different venue, giving a fantastic window into the life of this working performance poet, who brings everything he's got to the mic, whether the venue is small enough that each individual hoot & giggle can be heard, or large enough that the mid-poem applause sounds like a rumbling thunder. With crisp and clean recordings, it honestly does feel like you are there.

    ‘Content-wise, the album is pitch-perfect. Wakefield's graceful and selfless storytelling sings on tracks like Jean Health and Convenience Stores. He fearlessly shines light into darker corners of his life with poems like Bedrooms and Battle Scars and Guitar Repair Woman. His wit and charm glitter in cuts like Arizona Summers and Tim and Buddy Bantar. And his experiments with incorporating music in pieces like Human the Death Dance and We Were Emergencies add deep contrast to the radiant recordings of his live performances. And my heavens, this album is worth it for the recordings of Flockprinter and Giant Saint Everything alone -- seeringly honest and emotionally dazzling pieces that had me dumbstruck and vibrating in my NYC subway car, absolutely grateful that Righteous Babe Records did this poet right.’ --Cristin O'Keefe Aptowicz, NY Times Bestselling author


    CD - RUN ON ANYTHING (2006)

    Track Listing:

    1. Healing Hermann Hesse
    2. Cannonball Man (remake)
    3. I Got Gone (featuring Sage Francis)
    4. Convenience Stores
    5. Fran Varian's Grandmother
    6. The Pressure of Pitching Doves
    7. My Town
    8. Voices
    9. Pretend Intro
    10. Pretend
    11. My Point Forever Endlessly (remake)
    12. The Information Man
    13. now (remake)
    14. Flockprinter
    15. A Little Ditty Called Happiness (remake)
    Additional Tracks:
    16. Alone and a Little Stunned
    17. Guitar Repair Woman

    Shipping: $3 U.S. | $11.95 Canada and Mexico | $17.95 International


    Produced by Jon Berardi and Levi Lyman (Castro Valley, CA)

    "Dynamic, engaging, enigmatic. Buddy Wakefield delivers a ten-track CD of poetry and music that is seductively honest, with enough energy you could use it to jump-start your car on a February morning in Alaska. Tracks you can dance to, tracks you can think to, and tracks to confound you. Just enough gentle humor to leave you feeling good. a perfect synthesis of spoken word and sound." - Kevin Charles Wixson, First Review

    Track Listing: 1. Some They Can't Contain
    2. A Little Ditty Called Happiness
    3. Strength So Strong
    4. Cannonball Man
    5. Opal People
    6. Middle Distance
    7. All The Time
    8. Marbles in the Trees
    9. My Point Forever Endlessly
    10. Now

    Shipping: $3 U.S. | $11.95 Canada and Mexico | $17.95 International