Produced by Jon Berardi and Levi Lyman (Castro Valley, CA)

"Dynamic, engaging, enigmatic. Buddy Wakefield delivers a ten-track CD of poetry and music that is seductively honest, with enough energy you could use it to jump-start your car on a February morning in Alaska. Tracks you can dance to, tracks you can think to, and tracks to confound you. Just enough gentle humor to leave you feeling good. a perfect synthesis of spoken word and sound." - Kevin Charles Wixson, First Review

Track Listing: 1. Some They Can't Contain
2. A Little Ditty Called Happiness
3. Strength So Strong
4. Cannonball Man
5. Opal People
6. Middle Distance
7. All The Time
8. Marbles in the Trees
9. My Point Forever Endlessly
10. Now

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