Created by Victoria Petroff and based on a line from Buddy Wakefield's poem Convenience Stores, these cuffs were unintentionally released the same week the US president authorized the comprehensive trauma of hundreds of migrant children by separating them from their parents and storing them in cells.

The timely sentiment YOU ARE WELCOME HERE may be why the first batch of 40 sold out in 39 minutes. We donated 100% of the proceeds to the ACLU. We're releasing another 100 and will be donating $10 from each one sold to the ACLU to help reunite migrant children with their parents. We'd love to donate 100% again, but Victoria personally makes each one by hand and pays for the materials and we want to make sure this is a sustainable project.

"Each cuff is 6" of hand-stamped food grade recycled aluminum. They're 18-gauge, so nice and thick but still bendable and one size will fit most. If someone needs a smaller size, we can cut it to fit." --Victoria @vcpetroff

Shipping: $3 US | $16 Canada | $23 international