Buddy Wakefield’s Awful Good Writers presents:


An Online Course in Writing Past the Avalanche


“Don’t get so disappointed in your failures that you fail to celebrate their honesty. Of course you failed. You’re doing it right.”

—Buddy Wakefield, A Choir of Honest Killers

This is a well-rounded month-long writing-centric creativity course exploring the point of connection in everything. Each week, you’ll take a LIVE deep dive with Buddy into a 90-minute session of continual state changes drawing from the content and specific writing process used to create A Choir of Honest Killers.

Course Begins: March 3rd, 2020

Tuesdays: March 3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th
6:45-8:15pm PST


Cost $150

You don’t have to be brilliant every time you show up. You just have to show up.

You’re Doing It Right includes:

  • Weekly 90-minute live writing session and discourse lead by Buddy via Zoom.
  • Q&A with Buddy to review each session.
  • An opportunity for writing and performance coaching and feedback.
  • A fifth session with a well-established special guest in the field.
  • Private Facebook group for questions, sharing, and feedback during the week.
  • A post-course downloadable review of the information accrued throughout your month-long experience.

the thew What you can expect:

  • Expect to walk away a more dangerous writer.
  • Expect to develop a keen awareness of what’s at hand, and what’s ahead, for you and your work.

  • Expect to write, to listen, to participate, and to not be brilliant.
  • Expect to shift gears quickly during each session.
  • This is not a course in exercising trauma. Navigating suffering will occur naturally.
  • Information and feedback may be presented in a straightforward manner so as to not confuse beaches with bombs.
  • Trigger warning: there will be no trigger warnings.

***Registration will stay open one week after the course begins for participant comfortable receiving the first session recorded. Others may register for a future course. Registration for future courses are posted to the Tour Page or Here as soon as dates become available for May, July, September, and November of 2020, as well as January 2021.

***If you have to cancel after the course begins, you will not be refunded, but will be given credit toward a future course.

***The subtitle in the name of this course (e.g. Writing Past the Avalanche) continuously changes. It all leads to the same course, so don’t worry, you’re doing it right.

Image Credit: Holly Chastain