January 14, 2014

The British woman in this photo
showed up to The Northwest School in Seattle yesterday
claiming to be my “associate” to students and staff
while I presented workshops with no knowledge of her presence on campus.
She was allowed to roam freely.
After classes I noticed being slightly stalked
(if not just strangely distracted) by her ostentatious presence.
When I tried to leave campus alone she caught up to me
and asked if I would take her picture.
When I held the camera up she had it on video already
and began to strike curious poses; somewhere between sexy and Martin Short.
I recognized that I was being played somehow
but stayed calm and did not react,
specifically and genuinely thinking, “Lady you got nothin’.
I’m friends with Nichole Appel Cole [official member of The Daremaster Squires].
I’m gonna let you have this for a minute
until I decide most effective table-turning/exit strategy.”
The poses continued.
She was wearing sunglasses at night and finally peeled them off.
It was actually Nichole Appel Cole
all the way from Lincoln, IL on my first job of 2014.
Hugest smile. Total disbelief. Perfect timing. Belly laughter. Great dinner.
Thank goodness for your work bringing you as far as Tacoma, woman,
and God bless you for making up the difference.