September 4, 2014

Sydney, New South Wales, You have returned me to the time of my life.
A forever-sized hug to this city and the people in it,
to Word Travels for booking this leg of the tour,
and especially Anne Marie, Pip, Lucky and Jacob,
my open-armed Dulwich Hill housemates
who gave me three weeks of home home home.
Dulwich Hill Crew
It is my last day in Sydney before flying to Brisbane in the morning
and I am not eager to pack.
Sydney, you’re 100% in my book. In all the books.
There are too many smilin’ moments to detail,
like seeing sunset from the shower;
or strollin’ up on that fig tree with Carlos Hornibrook,
Sydney fig
and Gilgamesh holding a lion.
Gilgamesh holding a lion.
I cannot wait to be a writer again.
Gilgamesh sign