October 20, 2014

Headed out to catch a flight for Belgium
unable to deny the sneaky separation anxiety cropped up
from leaving South Africa, and the Indian Ocean,
The Indian Ocean
and from Tiny and Thabiso and Q,
and from Thuli and Page
who let me make myself at home in their laughter.
Thuli n Page
The text I wrote for the collaboration with
Durban photographer Mark Lanning says,
durban art poem2
“We become mountains
scalloped in the floors of daybreak
buried in the landscape
breathing like an epitaph bearing the words,
‘God is everything happening at once.'”

It seems relevant to how permanent/impermanent I feel
about this incredibly constantly leaving.
Poetry Africa 24
I have every reason to be happy,
but I am so sad today.
I’m gonna miss you for a long time, Africa.