April 23, 2007

Since last time…

Played reverend for friends in Hawaii.
Required to imitate ceremony from The Princess Bride.
Surrounded by livers of the dream, creature comforts, deep breaths, snorkling.
Bachelor party manifested large gang of nonviolent obnoxious men
who ultimately met up with bride’s large gang of nonviolent obnoxious women
for large party in small space
which was accidentally turned upside down (like a drink),
and involved popular favorites such as
whole pineapples dodgeball,
glow-in-the-dark penis chuck,
bowling people not pins,
various conversations with security.

Arizona tour with Derrick Brown.
Paid for the economy car rental, ended up with a red Mustang.
Coffee house shows reminded us of days passed and dues paid.
Drive to Grand Canyon involved a stop at a church the size of a doorway…
There was a guest book.
What Derrick wrote in it made my eyes water.
We sat on a bench and stared at the canyon.
Not an overrated place, that place.
When a helicopter flew through the middle,
Derrick pointed out that it was not a dragonfly,
and I liked that.
We talked about David Copperfield, bowel movements, and rest.
On the way back we spun off into a dirt road to take the Mustang for a walk.
We stopped to run through a field until the altitude brought us down.
The patches of this strange grass felt exactly like horse’s mane.
Our shows were, ya know, pretty good… I guess…

red rock high auditorium

Was especially charged for performing at The Orpheum with Saul Williams.

orpheum poster

Unoriginal as it may be, Saul is one of my poetry heroes.
I saw his movie the night before I Slammed for the first time.
“I [had] my back up against a brick wall
and a Mack truck two inches from my face…”
I already miss the creature they call Derrick Brown.

mustang sally

He once explained to me that the reason he doesn’t feel insecure about much
is because he’s not trying to be perfect.
I’m starting to understand.

Then came the Seattle Grand Slam.
Team Seattle 2007 =
Tara Hardy, Ryler Dustin, Danny Sherrard and Buddy Wakefield.
I have a boner.

Preparation for The Human Death Dance Tour.
Calm before the storm.
to put on a show.
Starts now.

I haven’t called my mom in two weeks.
Call your mom.
prepare to qualify.

Hazel, Nut
orpheum space