August 12, 2009

Hot diggity.
Welcome to the world my new little friend
Adela Patricia Berardi!
That’s Adela with her big sister, Mia Louisa Berardi
“who currently leads the pack in hugging and kissing little Addie,”
says my excited friend and producer, Jon Berardi.
He and his amazing wife Sherri (responsible for the loud contagious laughter
in Run On Anything and Live at the Typer Cannon Grand)
both went against my better judgment
when it came to naming the children.
I wanted Mia to be named Chestnut, and
needed Adela to be named Macadamia.
Opportunity lost on the awesome name suggestions, Berardi’s.
If there’s a third, we gotta name her Hazel.

But despite their names, Mia and Adela are still the luckiest girls I know.
The wholesome familial-ness their parents AND their grandparents create
continue to be a role model for me and warm up my heart.
It’s nearly too much goodness… makes me wanna
eat Ofis’s belly. Here’s Ofis with Adela:
ofis and adela
(Fonzie and Chomby not shown.)

Jon had this to say in his announcement:
“Adela was born on 8-8-09 at 1:25pm.
She weighs 7lb 5oz, makes squeaky noises and enjoys breast milk.”
Sherri and Adela had this to say:
sherri and adela

A Toast, Healthy Bits