December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas from London.
Preparing to spend the day on a plane relaxin and watching movies
and reflecting on the gift which was this year.

Andrea Gibson and Katie Wirsing just rocked my world for three weeks of priceless fun and funny memories (Brighton Beach, Leigh Adams, solid dares, great food, long rests, haunted vaults and torture[!], jelly and jam, curry fries, London rush hour on the wrong side of the road, crotch sauce, 3-hour Edinburgh, bouncing, backwards castle sky, four boners please, “WE ROCK LIM-ER-ICK!”, it’s what I do, Irish song/Czech bagpipes…) The I Am A Lagan Tour has ended.
I’m excited to post pics soon as we get’em downloaded.

After seven years of touring it’s time to take a long break now
(less a few scattered college shows),
make some time to be a writer again.
First, though, I head back to Vipassana for stillness (
Will be back January 7th.

If there are any booking concerns please refer to the booking page on this site.
Merchandise orders will be handled while I’m gone,
but special needs emails will go to my personal account
and cannot be helped until I get home.

Click HERE to see what happens when you cross a Mighty Mike McGee with a Buddy Wakefield.

Wishing y’all the very best for the coming year.
Now, New