March 23, 2012

From now until May 10th, 2012 Buddy Wakefield will be accepting submissions for his new project– HENHOUSE Magazine, The Book.

is modeled after Penthouse, but for chickens, and their lovers. It’s an informative, witty publication inspired by hens with their wattle on the pulse, The Onion, Farmer’s Almanac, facts and fowl photography; geared toward new chicken owners, but made for everyone to laugh with and learn from. The popularity of raising chickens in urban and suburban areas continues to gain mass appeal, and HENHOUSE offers up a wealth of how-to’s, tips and guidance for this new wave of “environmentally conscious” chicken keeper. Experienced keepers will also find HENHOUSE a valuable resource for helpful information on all things chicken; but with a playful, educated and current appeal.

It’s our first run and there are no tubby-pocketed fellers backing us on this, so accepted submissions will be paid 2 contributors copies, and your website listed with due credits to be seen by an international audience. You must own the rights to all text, artwork and photos submitted. Send your ORIGINAL chicken articles, art, photos, poems, stories, comics to:

We invite submissions for any and all of the following examples/ideas, including recurring and non-recurring Penthouse segments adapted for HENHOUSE (or altogether new articles and chicken-related goodness), such as:

* HENHOUSE Forum (funny chicken stories; keep it clean)

* Relative Comics

* The Chicken Haters

Expose companies/individuals who raise chickens for mass consumption in miserable conditions, or are intentionally mistreating chickens in general.

* How To Build A Coop

…to compliment your house; coop ideas and essentials; photos of the coolest coops with profiles of the chickens and their owners; coop building instructions and plans.

* Proper Cleaning, Care-giving, and 20 Random Things New Chicken Owners Should Cross the Street to Learn About, Buster, Because Other Chicken Books Don’t Much Talk About Splatter-Proof Light Bulbs, Do They?

* Exploring various breeds for the urban owner, their pros and cons.

* Hens Gone Wild
What all those different noises indicate, and what to do about it.

* Feel comfortable being creative and original. Help us make this an absolutely fun, relevant and informative publication.

* PHOTO wants/ideas (you MUST own the rights to any photo you submit)
– High fashion chickens… you’ll see (no costuming required).
– Chicken butt photos (we have an appropriate reason for this).
– Celebrity look-alike chickens (for example, the photo on the cover looks just like Farah Faucet).
– Dust/sun-bathing chickens
– Vintage chickens
– Twins

Let your submissions be inspired by this mock-up of the first HENHOUSE cover!!!


Send submissions to; no limits.

Remember, the submission deadline is MAY 10th, 2012.
We very much look forward to reviewing these fun submissions.
HENHOUSE will be released by Write Bloody Publishing.

Respect the chicken,

“I’m so eggcited.” – Jessica Blakeley, chicken admirer
“I can’t coop with all this emotion.” – Daniel Lisi, upon learning of the release of HENHOUSE
CAUTION: This is a monster cluck rally.