August 5, 2017 Mercury Cafe, 2199 California Street, Denver, CO, 7pm ***SOLD OUT***

August 7-12, 2017 Volunteering at National Poetry Slam, Denver, CO ***FINALS SOLD OUT***

August 9, 2017 with Andrea Gibson to host the LGBTQIA Reading at the National Poetry Slam, Denver Art Museum, Schlessman Hall, 100 W 14th Ave Pkwy, Denver, CO, 1:30-3pm ***WAIT LIST ONLY***

August 11, 2017 Calibration Poet, Clocktower Cabaret, Denver, CO, 9pm

August 15, 2017 with Anna Freeman at Union Chapel Bar, Compton Terrace, London, England, doors at 7pm TICKETS

August 16, 2017 The Forum, Fonthill, The Common, Tunbridge Wells, England, 7:30pm TICKETS

August 17, 2017 with Rebecca Tantony, All Hallows Hall, 13 All Hallows Road, Bristol, England, 7:30pm TICKETS

August 18, 2017 The Castle & Falcon, 402 Moseley Road, Birmingham, England, 7:30pm TICKETS

August 20, 2017 The Hubb Debates, The Hubb Arts Centre, Bordeseley Centre, Birmingham, England, 2pm

August 24-30, 2017 Teaching workshops at Camp Cushy for Watershed, Eindhoven, Netherlands (private event)

August 29, 2017 Parktheater, Theaterpad 1, 5615 EN, Eindhoven, Netherlands, 8pm TICKETS

August 31, 2017 for Wintertuin, Coehoorn CC3, Coehoornstraat 15-19, Arnhem, Netherlands, 7:30pm