July 11, 2008

Once off a diving board and at least once on David Murphy’s trampoline in high school…

but I hadn’t ever taken the time to follow through on my desire
to cut a back flip from the ground.

Recently I wrote out seventeen visions in order to give focus
to the direction I want my life to go from here.
Self perception, health, skills/fun, partnership, financial, career…
Of the ways I aim to live this life, and the things I aim to accomplish successfully
(each noted on a different colored piece of construction paper with black Sharpie
clipped to the wire across the north wall of my bedroom)
one just says BACK FLIP
so I joined a gymnastics class for adults.
This is my 4th lesson (July 10, 2008):

Many thanks to Maria Forbush for whippin’ out her camera
to help some excitable random guy in her gymnastics class
get a visual on his vision.

Here’s to overcoming irrational fears.
Next Time, No Hands.