January 28, 2008

Great Newses:

* Derrick Brown, Mike McGee, Anis Mojgani and I are hittin’ the road together
again September/October 2008. Tour name, press release, booking information and posters
available pretty dang soon. Feel comfortable contacting me about this.

* As ya may or may not know, Write Bloody released my book, “Live For A Living” in November.
Two days ago I got this message from my publisher, Derrick,
mostly regarding Borders Book Stores but applicable elsewhere:

> We got em in stores! Live For A Living… the new ones!
> Major markets and online.
> He couldn’t get me a concrete response of where
> but you could send out a mass email to your list telling them the good news
> and if a local store doesn’t have it
> they will order it right away.

Derrick was trying to find out a list of stores where the first round
of copies were sent. He received this reply:

“Derrick: Yes, got the title listed and stock is hitting stores now.
It’s a lot of trouble to get you a list of stores, but I sent it
to the best poetry stores in all the major markets (NYC, SF, LA, Chicago, etc).”

If you feel inclined to go down to Borders and pick up one copy
(which I have a feeling would clean them out of it),
that would have them re-ordering and taking note.
I’d sure like that.

In other newses:

* I am living with a friend for a while to accomplish a personal goal.
My friend told me that when there’s a monster in his dreams,
he grows bigger than the monster. It terrifies the monster.

* I became grumpy with parking enforcement in Redondo Beach last night
and asked him if he is aware that he has chosen a job where he ruins people’s
day for a living. It did not make me feel better.

* There are supposedly fish in the Amazon Rainforest who swim upstream through urine and into
the urethra. Once inside they feast much like a piranha… If you’ve heard this nightmarish rumor
regarding the “pee fish” or the Candiru, rest assured that despite how totally cool that would be
it is “physically impossible as the maximum swimming velocity of the actual fish is opposed by the
downward velocity of the urine stream, and the further impossible act of the 5-14 mm wide fish
maintaining position and thrust within a 2–7 mm wide column of fluid. They are also probably not
attracted to urine as commonly thought.”

* Even at your worst you are incredible.

“His Heart First” by Chris A’Lurede

* Here’s what I look like when I’m swearing to Jeffrey McDaniel that he’s ignoring me:

Rob Zabrecki, Amber Tamblyn, Beau Sia,
Bucky Sinister, Mindy Nettifee, Derrick Brown,
Dork McFiddlewad, Jeffrey McDaniel.
Photo by Matt Wignall.

Machine, Wash