June 4, 2015

For weeks I’ve been privately listening to all things Eckhart Tolle on YouTube as I hole up in a now sunny patch of Boulder, well-recovering from tour, having reluctantly sold off everything I owned once more in order to detach, start over, largely living in a state of “we’ll see.” Thank goodness. What’s left is packed in a bright blue bag at the foot of a bed in the guest room of a friend’s home. I just now found this clip of Jim Carrey introducing Eckhart Tolle, six years ago today (June 4, 2009, my birthday), when I realized a lifelong personal goal. I could hardly be more on board with the volition in this video and what it represents. This post I’m posting is from a place of being stoked on serendipity, not a ploy for bday wishes. Not necessary. This year what I want is to introduce you to my love. Please, be a respectful family about the video clip I’m bringing home for you to meet… If you disapprove, maybe that’s a-okay and you’ll still find it in ya to bite your lip, observe without comment, and just be happy that I’ve fallen in love again, with the point of this video. I’m probably gonna ask it to marry me: