January 31, 2015

This year I’m putting my first three books out of print. One new book called Stunt Water, which combines the first three books, will be released in their place. It is not new material. Once this world tour is over I will focus my efforts on finishing the new material and release a brand new collection but, for now, I’m simply looking to put out a tight compilation of the first twenty years (!!…holy crap that happened fast). Preexisting work is usually best so I can choose something I definitely like. If you’re willing to create something for fun, be inspired by the image below of five blind albino orphans in West Bengal, India photographed by Brent Stirton. An innovative water color adaptation of this photo may be exactly what I’m looking for. To see the artwork on previously released books, CD’s and T-shirts have a look at www.buddywakefield.com/merchandise/. Please email submissions and portfolio links to buddy@buddywakefield.com or they may not be seen. Really looking forward to seeing the goods. See y’all tonight in Brooklyn.
blind albino boys west bengal india