November 4, 2013

Oh, hey guys, it’s no big deal really,
just got these new scroll pens
with poems inside of them.
I pretty much wrote the poems.

Here’s the same pens cascading down a small mound of rocks
that I collected
from the tables at Todd Sickafoose’s wedding:

I used to just have one pen with “Hurling Crowbirds at Mockingbars.”
Now there are pens available for “We Were Emergencies” and “In Landscape.”
If you want to buy them to help pay for the new government I’m saving up to purchase
go to the merch page on this site.

The tour with Ani DiFranco starts in Washington D.C. tomorrow night at 930 Club.
I’m gonna go workout now to tame some of the excitement,
and to build neck mass, which is a huge goal of mine.
Yes it is.
I even keep pictures of necks with swollen veins [/Bruce Springsteen] on my vision board.

I want veins the size of pens with poems in them.