September 4, 2013

Y’all remember when we rode bulls for Jesus?

Okay, maybe that was just me.
Fair enough.
Nonetheless, another indicator that man creates God in his own image
and/or interest.


It’s worth noting
I was the president of the Christian Cowboys Friends & Fellowship
for a year in college, creating God in my image.

It also seems fitting to note how
The White Rabbit is said to be a symbol of human beings
who are often pompous and belittling
toward anything they deem less valuable than themselves,
yet they grovel to accommodate anyone from whom they stand to gain.

Until I became an adult, the only trophy I ever won
was for playing The White Rabbit in the eighth grade.
For those of you who had to – for many years –
deal with my sometimes belittling, aggressively groveling focus
on a compartmentalized white guy in the sky
to whom I gave my faith from a place of fear,
certain I would burn forever because I was born gay,
I not only apologize, but I would like to share with you in this moment of deep
compassionate laughter as a token of my/your/our progress.

NOTE: To every person of religious conviction and spiritual acceleration
reading this infinitesimal post, thank you for your awareness
that – despite my cheeky tongue and generalized religious references –
I deeply respect and appreciate your pursuit.
But check it out,
if your faith feels like an abusive juvenile corrections facility
or causes you to writhe with guilt to the point of needing medication in any form
or convinces you that there is a god hateful enough to stick you inside a pit of fire forever
just because you yearn to be your own savior
and your own rapture,
then I challenge you to find a god less cruel,
a god less like The White Rabbit.