May 23, 2010

It’s been a while, huh?

Well, after the Revival Tour
I kept a friend’s home warm
and Andy Cook taught me how to walk a slack line out at Santa Monica Pier.

Then I got to see my first memories of this world
visiting childhood best friend, Jimmy Jones, and his family.

Then I went on the tour of my career

(The Paramount Theater, Austin, TX)
(National Monument, CO)

Then I made entry into the second half of my life
(Escape From Alcatraz Triathlon, May 2, 2010).

I remember when I told Heidi Kunkle outside the venue in Des Moines, IA
that I’d never found a 4-leaf clover
she replied, “You have to look.”
I found one right then and there. Here it is

When I told my friend, Seth, I found a 4-leaf clover
he said he’d never found one.
I said, “You have to look.”
Today he showed me four

Now Seth spends time looking for 4-leaf clovers.
He’s stopped mowing so much.
Today as we discussed the amazing second half of his life and what it might look like
Seth began to call out one 4-leaf clover after another
then handed me a bouquet of’m.

Here are the first six

I became excited and joined in…

Here are seventeen of the twenty-one 4-leaf clovers we found in no time

Actually, there were twenty. We stopped when we found “the 21st”…

“The 21st” had 12 clovers on it, and still budding…

What more could a clover hunter ask for?
Seth’s curious as a cat.

That’s why we call him Whiskers.

That about brings us up to speed.
I have no obligations and don’t owe nothin’.
There’s a choose-your-own-adventure 360 degrees wide in front of me.
The sign over there says to teach a college course at Naropa, or The New School.
Song says to meditate full time.
Giant says to train for Cirque Du Soleil.
If I put a significant amount of energy into planning and grant writing
The Revival can pull together a full-time show
or I’ll write the screenplay now.
Feelin’ good about releasing the new book, Gentleman Practice, early fall.
Got a provisional patent finally, regarding a fun way to teach kids alternative energy.
My family wants me down in Austin and I like it.
I could invest in a home. Build another city of candles on the dresser.
Haven’t toured Europe in a while. Never toured Australia.
Go on a solo national tour, 2011? Take a new tour partner every week?
Train to facilitate ropes courses?
Work for an accelerated learning forum in Denmark?
I know a friendly house with my name on it in Kona, or Cape Town,
Venice Beach or NYC, Norway, Kansas City, England, Juneau, Ashville, Seattle…
Go back to school, for physics? Study the memory of water.
Finally run away and join the office? Make funny ads? The Onion? Boob job?
Create a local bulletin board to start a circuit of backyard BBQ’s lasting all summer?
Now New Industries? Make holiday sweaters? Cereal saloon?
I can build a hot air balloon basket outta popsicle sticks, paint it bright orangepink with yellow.
Been makin’ music for fun with no agenda.
Gonna keep fit and can hopefully help if anybody else wants to go there.
Love sharin’ it. Love sharin’.
Even the impermanence.
Share it.

Today Reverend Kathianne Lewis said two wolves live in my heart.
One of them is right with this world
and we know what kind of destruction the other is capable of.
She asked which one I’m feeding.

After most every show these days somebody wonders about
the forgiveness lines in Hurling Crowbirds at Mockingbars:

“Forgiveness is the release of all hope for a better past.”

“Forgiveness is for anyone who needs safe passage through my mind.”

I wanna reiterate that I wrote neither of those lines.
They are directly quoted from a sermon by Reverend Kathianne Lewis.
I feel pretty certain she was quoting someone else.


(Kingfish; Seattle, WA)