October 20, 2013

Dancin’ my way to Hanover, NH tonight.

Katie, Angelo and Grant… Wow for yesterday in Scranton, PA, and thank you.
I can’t pretend it was any more 100% than what happened in New York with Flavorpill, or Velvet Lounge,
or the dream I had last night about a city that was cleaned right down to its shine
and as alive as I feel about this tour so far,
but it was a show I will absolutely not forget.
Sure looking forward to tonight and keepin’ it goin’.
This one was booked relatively last minute, so do help get the word out,
especially if ya know anyone super white, loaded and smarty pants (they all know each other or are related):
Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH. Workshop at 3:30pm in an unknown location (cryptic right?);
performance at Collis Common Ground, Collis Student Center, 8:30pm