September 5, 2013

here I sit broken hearted swastika
f*** you f*** off f*** this
fags burn in hell
jesus was a truck driver [sh*t smear]
died for our sins on the cross
bore the burden is risen in the utmost
to the highest is my savior oh lord
obama bin laden suck bush [dry c*m drip]
need d*ck call harold call now for pu**y
don’t drop your toothpicks in the toilet
because the crabs will pole vault

To bathroom stalls and dressing rooms across America,
you have not yet revealed your full potential for progress
in the same way television has failed to release good news
and schools have failed to teach children from the get go
that everything is connected
though, I am impressed by your tendency
to accurately draw c*ck of various proportions.
In fact, the c*ck-to-vagina ratio
sketched on restroom and dressing room walls globally
is staggering to say the least.
Vaginas are just too complex I suppose.

But on July 11, 2007 there was discovered a dinosaur language
written as clear as the air itself; flawless like a tear duct.
Someone astonishing – among the mean graffiti swamp and fecal particulate –
had written on the agitated men’s restroom wall
at the Grog Shop in Cleveland, Ohio
with red marker inside a dirty white gangland tag, the following words:

Carley Auctel
You are beautiful
And you rock my socks
and you are PERFECT.

I remember the night I read that while peeing, tearing up
and worn down.

With thanks for Carley Auctel’s admirer,

PS Happy would’ve-been-60th-birthday to my dad.