July 9, 2010

(note: it’s not me.)

Holy goodness gracious.
Thank ya, Snook.
Completely smilin’ about this.

And for this:

(The European Space Agency has released what it says is the first-ever image of the entire universe which will give scientists new insight into how the stars and galaxies form. The all-sky image, produced by space telescope Planck, can also tell how the universe itself came to life after the Big Bang some 13.7 billion years ago. The satellite was launched last year by the ESA under a € 600 million project to record the origins of the universe.)

In the last mile of the 30th Annual Escape From Alcatraz Triathlon
Sarah Healy-Middleton was goin’ bananas for me
shoutin’ out powerful reminders of who we are
and why we do the things we do
but she did not lose focus on the task at hand
and was well reminding me how to physically stay righted
and how to show up in the home stretch.

Where the course opened up near supporters and spectators
Sarah rode her bike alongside me on the grass for as long as she could.
She was coachin’ her heart out when I passed a man on my right
who looked over at me with all his breath and said,
“Where do you find friends like that?”

In the moment I responded, “Well, ya can’t buy’m.”
I sure hope my answer was good timing with regards to whatever was goin’ on for him
but if anybody ever asked me again where to find friends like that
I’d probably give the same answer I’d give for how to find a four-leaf clover.
You have to look.