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Nathan Deman

Hey there, posting my week 1 piece with minor edits. Honestly dont know how I feel about it, it’s one of my most recent finished pieces of writing. It works within the context of a rock song, but I feel like lyric writing as a medium, particularly with the band I’m playing with is a bit of a trap for me. It’s easy to rely on cliche and different tropes to move the meaning, and I’d like to break out of my trends with writing.

Buddy, you’re the reason I started writing years ago, it means a lot to be here doing this. I never really took myself seriously as a writer until my band became a thing, and I was forced to really finish pieces for the sake of other people. That said, I wrote this in a moment of pure frustration with trying to manage my dad’s addiction over the summer, and I feel like its telling in tone, this is more mean spirited than other stuff I have. Between that assesment and the date it was written, I think it deserves the torture rack. Please do not be afraid of offending me, I want to improve. I really feel like I’m caged in lyric writing and would like to start writing for the sake of itself, outside the context of trying to fit into the mood of the music.

Sorry for the preamble.
I’ve uploaded a recording for context of how it actually sounds when delivered, a capella at least.

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