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Victoria Ruiz

Kylie, This TITLE!!! Drew me in instantly, it’s SO GOOD! Help ME with titles, please. You’ re clearly good at them!

I am curious what would happen if you played with your opening line a bit. Perhaps, bring stanza four to the the top for example. That line feels more like the kind of heat I want in a first. line. I want to know WHY depression is a helluva story teller. pathological liar. Tell me more! I am thinking of what Buddy said about taking cliches/ideas out for a walk and showing them the world. For me, this translates to a crime scene if you will….. what are the very specific things that pertain to this particular moment/what makes this a crime scene that will lead those investigating to a supporting conclusion. have all of the details been fully unearthed? I hope that makes sense perhaps I’ve had too much turkey.
In kindness, Vicki