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Hey folks,

It is with great terror I share what is probably the only new piece of work I want feedback on. Buddy if you’re reading this, whatever week you get to me I’d like this to be what you give feed back on, if that’s cool.

I’ve never been more frightened of sharing something so unfinished. This is the closest I think I’ve ever gotten to writing honest abstractions. Not just putting fancy words together so they sound cool and pretentious. That said I’m also afraid the abstractions might be too esoteric at times. I went through this line by line and I know the logic checks out. At least for me it does. I think what I’m getting at is that I’m afraid that an audience won’t see what I do, or (the even more frightening thought) they’ll see more of me than I’d like them to. Maybe that’s the point. Someone once told me that whenever I find myself doing something that scares me I should remind myself to let the fear grow me. Here’s hoping that happens.

Thanks for taking the time to read me.