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Lou Raio

Henlo friends!

I wrote this before the workshop began.


Irony is lost
In the hypocrisy
All these lines in the sand
We’re cornering ourselves in these little boxes
It turns out the moral high ground is a great vantage point for throwing rocks
I find myself on the side of no one
and nothing
I can’t hear the righteous voices
I no longer feel anything from the words of the great quotes
The stoics had no idea
They could never have imagined what you have become
And I mean you
I am outside of your little boxes
I’ll take my wisdom from the characters of fiction
From the creations of the observers
They may hide behind the manifested fiction, but at least they’ll tell it like they see it
Won’t change a thing, but it is there
It’s undeniable for me the power in the words of the never was
When I, an observer see what I see
All your lines
And your code
Dropped at the first sign of trouble
It’s mob rules
And you love it
You’ll see, when the chips are down your desire for things to be your way won’t save you
Your comfort won’t save you
You’re discomfort won’t save you either
What will be will be
No amount of belly aching will change it
No tantrum
No octave will make a difference
And as for the truth, it’ll be there, right where we left it
Lying in wait forever
Unheard, unchanged and unused
Because what does the truth matter when noone will budge?
Can’t you see that?
When you’re busy bending reality towards your desired end?
Where is the whole truth and nothing but the truth then?
It’s trampled under foot
In the mud and shit beneath our feet
Out of sight from pointed fingers and mouths full of teeth and wild eyes and the yelling
It’s as far away from your mind as your blood is high
It’s nowhere near you’re need to be right
And it’s never ever on either side of a line in the sand