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White and Black, is simple as that,

turn the words round, lay the negative flat.

Has become undone, be colorbinded,

uneasy truce with the like minded.

See we all run on the same thing,

blood is purple, and you know damn

what I mean.

Is oxygen the problem, I seriously

doubt but everything it touches

makes room for an out.

Why search for an answer, why place

blame.  When really we all, all

everyone should be ashamed.

Colorbinded by race, religion and

creed, we are lower vibrations still

planting that seed.

If we want hope we must change, must

see the cause.  It comes from the

past, its our fatal flaws.

Colorblind we must be, we must see

not a color, just one human being, a sister or brother.

Everyone bleeds red, irises white,

red light or die, what need to stop

this black eye for black eye. 

Embrace change, in fact seek it, be

one with the universe and we will an

can beat it.  All in all together,

we have a chance, it starts

beginning when there is no more


Of us against them or we are better,

but instead song and dance a musical

tune, our universal language will

make more room.

Speak now. Speak loud. Speak truth

and love.  It isn’t about what they

say is above.  Heaven is here, on

earth our home.  Make time, make

peace and let’s move along.

Together at last, a multiversed

planet, so much love that the hate

will be vanquished, vanish.

White and black, black and white. We

all aren’t those colors, a blend a

mix, hybrid loveflowers.