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erin feldman

so much love that the hate
will be vanquished

—Gorgeous optimism!

Why search for an answer, why place
blame. When really we all, all
everyone should be ashamed.

—Yaaaaaaas! I’m with you here: the systemic pickle we’ve created is 600 generations old. (Though that repetition of all trips me up: it breaks the meter.)

My final thought is a complex feeling: I am uncomfortable with the goal of colorblindness as a solution for oppression. The idea that “we are all the same”, while bloody fucking true, sidelines how important our differences are when it comes time to solve problems, untangle bias, or cook for each other. For example, despite their legendary elegance and poise, you wouldn’t want ONLY drag queens dressing you for your big day in court. Glitter does not impress juries.