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Patrick Szajner

Hi everyone. Had an unplanned absence last week, followed by a planned absence this week and I’m totally bummed about not getting to hang. I will be there in week 5 though.

This is the first poem I ever wrote for the stage, so like over 10 years ago now? Fun story: It was for an assignment I had to do for school, performance and all, so I YouTubed “spoken word poetry”. I found “Convenience Stores”. Then I found Anis, Andrea, Rives, etc… I didn’t sleep that night.


Let’s talk dirty to each other

Not the kind of dirty
where you tell me
how much you want to
wrap your lips
around my
and I tell you
how I want to slide
my hand down your pants
and play with your


Let’s talk a different kind of dirty
to each other
let’s talk
to each other

I want you to read stories to me
so I can watch each and every word
dance out of your mouth
and fall at your feet
thanking you
for giving it life

I want to conduct
symphonies of similies to
keep in time
with the sound of your heart
beating against mine
and then I want to look up synonyms with you to expand our vocabulary

I want to hear you read
so passionately
that the sweat from your lips
sets the world on fire
every time you use a metaphor
and then I want to read
those same poems back to you
and hope
they make my voice
a little softer

I want to use words
consisting of six or more syllables
sipping sibilance out of silver cups
as we discuss current events
and wish the news
was a bit more…


And then I want to wrap you in sentences
deprive you of your senses
so that you can’t tell the difference
between me

and someone better

So please

speak a little louder

let me appreciate your diction
until my dick gets hard

and then

and then

after we’ve said it to each other
so many different ways
that we run out of ways to say it


we’ll just make up our own language