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erin feldman

Hello inspiring humans– look what I made from last week’s prompts! Does this even make sense? Help me trim the fat and make it pack heat, will ya? Thank you, all of you <3

What I’ve Always Done

is jump to the jaggedy edge. is react first, slithering
risking softness, flown like a startled starling.

I’m learning to hear the body’s signs
before my stubborn, delusional mind
finally hears her wailing.

Have you ever looked in the mirror to prove
your unassailable solidarity with yourself?

I’ve done leaned away from the velocity
because what I’ve always done
is backflip like a diver
splashing in for the reefs.

I’ve always gotten what I need.
It sounds more one-and-done that way
because I wanted to learn the tools
once, like Neo
and be expert from then on.

What I prefer to do
is fuck all day and dance all night.

I’ll kindle my cunt like a firefly
shooting love beams into the wood.

What I prefer to do gets me,
here we go

your lips, my thumb, cinnamon, green grass, frictions on warm skin

waving together, delicate blades
among drag queens or queen sheets
in the eddies and pillows of hot breath
glitter everywhere.
You buck, hankering openly
painting elaborate details on my intentions