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This is the piece I have been working on for the past few weeks:

Old KC Road
by SallyAnn Gray

black, moonless night
familiar stretch of country mile
or so I thought

the whispered warning a promise
my name on the wind
I turned to see what wasn’t there
just my breath, puffed in the chill

my eyes back on the road
wide, open
catching sight
as she made impact

invisible hand flipped a coin
deciding who would survive
a mother & her baby, still nestled in her hide?
or me, fresh acne and driver’s license?

as she rolled off the hood
time & my life restarted

welcomed by the ditch
a dark, shallow grave
pain & horror—two screams into the void
until sirens joined our chorus
a white knight or a bastard?

surrounded by nameless neighbors
my sobs soak a strangers shoulder
the solution was clear:
permanent relief served by a bullet

the only future was mine

life & death & life & death

the shot still echoing
and I’m pierced by his question:
“Do you want to keep the meat?”

there’s nothing worth saving here
let the scavengers take my kill
and the ghosts of Old KC Road