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So busy, not as present as I’d like to be here on the boards. But here’s a poem about it haha.

I worked nonstop this week
From waking to sleep
From adrenaline to not enough
Doubt to discharge, doing, done
Churning like that bar on the train wheels
Incidental and inevitable
Or I don’t know
I don’t know what that bar does
But man, I was spinning heat
Bleeding sweet circuitry
But contained, like in veins
Playing out lists like limericks— AABBA
Bring me back around
And at each line through
Decisive dash
Expecting to be burnt to the fingertips
I returned, AABBA
and found willingness waiting
At the bottom of the box
Adorably dormant
I have no affection for this task
But I’d like to enlist you
And he’s like
Skip the tantrums and the fanfare
Let’s go