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Jessica Farrell

Hey guys, missed last week because I got covid so they say. But I’m feeling much better now. Below is a poem for anyone’s viewing pleasure. I’ve gotten a lot of great reviews and appreciate them tremendously.

Please don’t forget about our poetry pen pals group I suggested for us all to stay connected and always have a space of fellow writers. I would love for you to share your fiction, non fiction, film, tv, poems, whatever you want.


I guess this is it.
You, empty, so you say.
Like a box on Christmas that
your parents decided to use as a prank.

You’re out here
not looking for something
to live for. And me? I’m trying
to figure out how the fuck
I got here. Right next to you.
And I never was. Just a shadow
that lingered around you as the sun went down.

Maybe it’s a misunderstanding.
Like when someone steps on your shoes.
Or maybe I just dream too much.
Too fucking much.
Maybe I still just don’t have a clue.
Sounds like you don’t either.
Mr. Can’t Touch This.
Mr. I Don’t Know What Love Is.
Mr. I Don’t Belong Here.
Mr. Nobody.