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Alright! finally finished a draft sparked by a prompt in the class. Bonus drafts included in Word doc (after completed draft on Pg 1).


I’m Nervous That I’m Too Good at This (Instructions for a Graphic Equalizer)

Hold hand to gut where the new emotion sticks like a hot rivet. With free hand, grab stethoscope. Slide scope’s cool compact disc across belly to build noise floor. Scooch steth to where first hand has held guard. Freeze when the emotion sounds through the scope.

Close eyes. Listen. Match vocal cord to chord sounding in ear. Hum harmful harmony in multimillisecond interrogation. Feel how hertz rattle throat. Open emotional equalizer. If ring familiar, find existing notch at note’s root and widen cut. If tone new, find tone’s band on equalizer, pull down volume before it can wedge itself in like molly in sheetrock seam.

Once, in the endless stretching infinities threading blink’s birth to blink’s demise, a wrong resonance shredded the shoddy spot welds that melded my panels together. Undone by musical progression cut off before it got home.

So I started notching out the aching resonances. Can’t hear the unsounding note, can’t ramshackle rattle to resonance that can’t resound. Only costs muted music and unsharp speech. Far cheaper than rebuild. I’m still paying interest on that Once.