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Lou Raio

Hey everyone. This is my most finished poem as of late. It is not finished. I’ve started about 4-5 over the last few weeks but I’m having issues completing them.

Let me know what you think.
Please and thank you.

Last night I lit a candle
And in that fire I called upon the gods of chaos and disaster
I fucking dared them to come get me
I wanted to see if this old armor could still take a hit
I marched forward into the moment fully open
And filled my belly with poison
I took away my option to retreat
I let open all the doors inside and gave the others the reigns
Let Mr. Hyde loose and take me where he wants
With no way out if this or undoing what’s done
Forward or death
And destruction
And if I wake up shaken and rattled
Sick and sour
I’ll be grateful
It’s beautiful luck when the monsters driving this machine can still get it back home in one piece while I’m away
And I did wake up
Dehydrated with the remains of puke lingering in my mouth
And even though I was uneasy on my feet it felt good feeling so bad
Another battle fought
Another battle won
I’m still here
Chaos and disaster couldn’t take this one
Not yet
This one is still strong
I can still take the hits and get up
And they’ll have many more chances
And I’ll keep getting up
Until I can’t
And fuck the reasons
This is fun