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Lou Raio

Just wrote another one.

Let a mofo know.


Here is a string of words in a line
You know these words independently
And side by side
Until there comes a collection of words
In a row
Side by side
That outrun your comprehension
The eyes see them
The mind accepts them as you silently read and only move your mouth slightly
But they do not slip into all of their assigned holes lining the hallway of your brain
Some slip in and others like square pegs in round holes bounce out
And like empty soda bottles dance oblong along the floor as they fall

The brain skips a beat
And in that ignition of momentary frustration
Two paths emerge
The one of delight and intrigue and wonderment to this new harmonic reverberation
And the path that is a short fuse ending at the stick of dynamite of frustration
And with a bang that synapse dies
Leaving everything seemingly intact
Until a moment arises and the feeling is lack
As the world feels more obstacle than not in the absence of knowledge

But for the other the obstacle is overcome
The puzzle is solved
And they move ahead one more space on the board
Because knowledge can make a game of life
But certainly not for the player left behind
Stuck forever before the first turn