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Hi Folks,

Here’s my poem for this week.

America: Glory Be to God, God Being Allen Ginsberg

America, you need to do laundry and go to yoga; you ignore the privilege in those chores.
America, I eat vegan eggs and watch Snoop Dogg narrate Animal Planet.
America, I show up at your band’s show and eye fuck the shit out of you;
no one cums.
The music is okay, winky face.
America, maybe you are playing dress up with my feelings.
America, don’t sexualize me and get mad when it’s the hammer in my toolbox.
America, I bet you like roleplay.
America, when you hold me after sex,
I sleep with one eye open.
America, when will you close your for-profit prisons?
America, there are children at your borders in cages.
America, go fuck yourself with your systematic reform;
the system is doing what it was designed to.
America, white supremacy is not funny.
Imperialism is not quiet.
America, Kylie Jenner is having Handmaid’s Tale birthday parties.
America, corporations are not people.
America, Flint, Michigan still has no water.
America, native indigenous women are disappearing; no one knows their names.
America, gentrification is your Bill of Rights.
America, if one more man says, “not all men”.
America, all of your leaders are rapists.
America, foreplay requires consent.
America, trans women of color endure your secrets.
America, you only speak genocide.
America, all of your families are dysfunctional.
America, do you still throw up your food while the world’s people are starving?
America, I run 5 miles and eat low carb bread.
America, Trader Joe’s sells this imitation peanut butter that is half the fat!
America, all of your avocados look like cellulite.
I eat kale and watch porn.
America, did you know you can lose 60 calories from masturbating?!
America, I am my own abuser.
America, you are killing your children;
the poor ones in wars, the others in classrooms.
America, the priests never knew God.
America, God Is Not White.
America, how will you stand if not on top of brown and black people?
America, you no longer say “dating”; it has been reduced to “talking”.
America, why can’t I have a girlfriend and a boyfriend at the same time?
America, I am numbing out on Netflix.
America, stop saying climate change is not real.
America, all your colleges are 4-year indoctrinations to bureaucracy.
America, I do not know how to save you.
America, what if reparations were real?
America, the world is not your mistress.
America, it is not the job of the oppressed to educate you.
America, you are your own World War.
America, gay sex will set you free.
America, bell hooks says, “love cannot exist in any relationship that is abusive”.
America, it was never a good idea, not even at the beginning.
America, your oceans are dying; only straws will save us now.
America, I am not scared of red unless I see it with white and blue.
America, blue lives is not an identity.
America, go have your straight pride parade.
America, trans women of color are why white gay men have rights; why I have rights.
America, stop saying “ally”; you are embarrassing yourself.
America, you are the husband who will not let her leave.
America, I walk around La Jolla Blvd wearing my “I heart female orgasm” shirt because
my “fuck imperialist nazi scum” shirt is dirty.
America, how do I heal the parts of myself you have seeped into?
America, you murdered Fred Hampton, Malcolm X, and Martin Luther King Jr. in cold blood.
America, I will not forget.
America, if not now, when?
America, we keep repeating the same lesson
until we learn from it.