March 5, 2009

Last month The Junkyard Ghost Revival
met up in Fairbanks, Alaska for one final Junkyard show.

Day of show
we made it to the dogsleds by 11am.
The guide had 65 dogs.
Boy they sure were fun and excited
shittin’ all over the place.
Just before my nose hairs froze into prisms
I could smell’m.
After my nose hairs froze into prisms
I could smell’m even more.
Cold makes a smell stick.

I learned how to harness them and guide the sled.
I also got to ride in the basket.
My guide, Leslie, guided me through
a fairly ridiculous amount of beauty.
The dogs had a blast.

Something you may not know is
dogs can poop while they’re running and not miss a beat.
When the dog in the back of the pack poops,
it can land dangerously close to inside the basket
and make grown men scream like baby girls.

My dogs:

My dogs:

Lunch was in front of a fireplace where we sang old
jams comin’ outta the ceiling.
It was nice to get warm.

Then we headed back and got geared up for our snow machine adventure
along the Alaska Pipeline. There were some pretty sweet jumps.
I totally caught like a foot of air.
This is Derrick explaining to me where my turbo launchers were:

After tearin’ it up around the countryside
we went back to the hotel and took naps to rest up for the show that night.
It was one of our favorite times performing together.

Afterward we went to the pub on campus
where much of the audience met us for beers
and a surprise session of karyoke.
Eye of the Tiger pretty much got a dance crowd on the floor
and we all got to show off our eye and tiger moves.
I remember a lot of punching too.

Derrick signed up as The Gooch
and sang My Way by Frank Sinatra.
It was a real crowd pleaser.
One of my closer friends on the planet, Shona Strausser,
had flown in from Juneau to surprise me the night before.
This is us dancing to Derrick’s selection:
You can spot Derrick singing behind us.
He really nailed the performance:

Shona sang one last solid gold smash
called “Love is A Battlefield”
while I had a simulated knife fight on the dance floor with some local ladies.
The zombies from Thriller got involved.

When the pub closed,
we all went over to an old Fairbanks favorite called The Marlin.
There was a live band and the place was packed.
More dancing happened, and relay conversations in good spirits
and somewhere around 3am I feel like that’s when we got the bar to chant
then U-S-A.
Man, the locals really loved chanting with us.

Back at the hotel Anis and Shona tried convincing me
that I had 6 ice creams from the vending machine,
but I only counted 5 wrappers on the floor
when I woke up the next morning.

A million thanks to Caleb Kuntz and Heather Ridgway for the photos,
and especially to Cody Rogers for having us out
to one of the most fun days we Ghosts ever had together.

Polar, Bare