January 14, 2018

Y’all, I won a residency at AIR Serenbe in Georgia and have decided to make a last minute tour of it back to L.A. when the residency is over.

Am seeking venues in the places not marked BOOKED.
If you have connects with your college or a local venue and wanna help make it happen, holler bookingbuddywakefield@gmail.com

March 3-16 residency BOOKED
March 16 Tennessee
March 17 Ohio
March 18 Detroit/Ann Arbor
March 19 Grand Rapids BOOKED
March 20 Chicago BOOKED
March 21 Des Moines
March 22 Kansas City BOOKED
March 23/24 St. Louis
March 25 Arkansas
March 26 Tulsa
March 27 Oklahoma City
March 28 Amarillo
March 29 Albuquerque
March 30-31 Arizona
*Details HERE

Also, February 16 BAY AREA!!

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