November 30, 2007

Gosh, I wanna tell ya everything
from the beginning of Solomon Sparrow’s Electric Whale Revival
(horse shoes, sandwich karate, the dares, show highlights, the fellas, sanitary napkin bag, why the chicken really crosses the road, Sigur Ros, blood wings, Pat “I’m really uncomfortable with your hair” Metheny, the van, the double decker bus, the cop, the border, the crossing, the dream…)




…all the way into the Ani DiFranco tour
(Baz and me having our own accidental Blare Witch Goonies right down to the skeleton, my incredible accompanying artists (THANK YOU Jerome Godboo, Animal, Shira Erlichman, Lily, Chris Hanlin, Amy Steinberg, Patrick Washington, Baba Israel, J.W. Baz and Nadine Zahr!), the encore with Ani, Dennis Kucinich, Gail Ann Dorsey, Allison Miller, Mike Dillon (as in Dillon from Human the Death Dance) and Todd Sickafoose, front of the bus dance party, Animal fucking Prufrock, anxiety man’s first concert, the good father, Topaz, Boston, Petah…)
and every inch of the journey through to right now.


But the wheels are still rollin’
with less than twelve hours before heading out
for the I AM A LAGAN European tour with
Andrea Gibson and Katie Wirsing!
Much as I love to write in this journal…

freedom school.jpg

I am not taking my phone to Europe
so email is the best way to get in contact

Katie organized the whole dang tour for us
front to back. Frickin’ champ.
I’ve got zero expectations, no idea where we stay or how we get there
and could hardly be more open and excited about it.

Y’all have the happiest of holidays.
The last show is in Frankfurt on the 21st
then I’ll spend four days making my way back to London to catch my flight.
I sure hope to cross a path on the way…

Pack, Back
PS There’s new t-shirts on the merch page.