October 23, 2012

The first pallet of HENHOUSE will be delivered to our doorstep tomorrow morning,
and we can hardly be more excited.

This Write Bloody book looks gorgeous.

Modeled after Penthouse, but for chickens, and their lovers, HENHOUSE is a highly informative and visual experience inspired by hens with their wattles on the pulse, fowl photography and facts facts facts; geared toward new chicken keepers as well as seasoned enthusiasts, but made for everyone to laugh with and learn from. The popularity of raising chickens in urban and suburban areas continues to gain mass appeal, and HENHOUSE offers up a wealth of how-to’s, tips and guidance for this new wave of “environmentally conscious” chicken keeper. Experienced keepers will also find HENHOUSE a valuable resource for helpful information on all things chicken, but with a playful, educated and current appeal.

I didn’t sit inside and sacrifice two-thirds of a summer for some silly chicken-crosses-the-road joke. This book is the mutherclucker of all chicken books and it looks incredible from start to finish. I sure hope you’ll consider giving it to family and friends for Christmas or – even better – just because you like giving gifts.

The first batch of orders will be mailed out on November 1st.

If you care to buy multiple copies (4 or more) for your store or yourself, then email me buddy@buddywakefield.com so we can get your significant discount on!

Respect the chicken,