September 29, 2014
Chitungwiza Crew
Yesterday at Shoko Festival’s Peace in the Hood free concert in Chitungwiza
there were b-boys who used the dirt at sundown, no cardboard,
and were as good as any I’ve ever seen, before they turned into dust in the headlights.
Goose bump epic.

This morning I met Moyo, the baby rescue elephant who wanted to play.
And Pickles the Wart Hog who prefers his belly scratched.
Both were at the Wild is Life, Grand Zimbabwe wildlife sanctuary
Wild is Life Wildlife Sanctuary
where this baby giraffe munched on over and got in on the love.
Feed the giraffe
Went straight from there to catch a flight to Johannesburg
where I just finished dinner with the Word N Sound Poetry and Live Music Series crew.
Shoko Festival, Dikson, Wadzie, Nikita, Sam, Lauren, Bex, Roxy, Thabiso, Tabs, Q…
Top of the charts. Thank you for the last 48 hours. Y’all are the real goods.
moyo dhamma
There’s a thunder storm right now and it’s all I can do to not break into Toto….