Image from Buddy's Instagram

‪Tonight I walked by/stood near/walked by again/ waited for/scrambled around about what I’d say to @dwightyoakam, who was already in conversation with a sweet [Dwight Yoakam-hogging] couple at a venue in Hollywood, and the restraint I showed in not interrupting or holding him hostage with a lifetime of praise should earn me a goddamn merit badge.‬ Resisting the urge to assume a Fast As You pose, sing Ain’t That Lonely Yet, or reenact Doyle Hargraves freaking out on the band in Sling Blade may be the most adult thing I’ve ever done, until he casually asked in passing, “What’s goin on?” (as a greeting not a concern)… I forgot to answer, nodded like a friendly enough dude, stayed in my lane and walked back to where I was going, a thousand miles from nowhere. Dummy. Haven’t been that beside myself since meth.