January 15, 2007

Last night I played Trivial Pursuit
with good people
and one of the questions
went something like:
What did Sigmund Freud say was the goal of all living things?
I said it was to reproduce…
Ironic, right,
since I’m not necessarily inclined to reproduce.

The answer – according to Freud – is death.

The answer – according to the law of nature –
is that we rise and fall.
We’re guaranteed birth,
and death.
I’m not sure if either are our “goal”
but I am sure that
are holy.

Hey Buddy,

I just want you to know that Kevin Harmon (from your
first album) died [last Wednesday] from a motorcycle
accident. I thought you’d want to know and maybe say
a little prayer for him and his family. The funeral
is [today].


Kevin Harmon is the voice backing me up on
the original “My Point Forever Endlessly” who said,

“You’re still fighting.
You’re still grinding your teeth.
You’re still not moving fast enough forward
but you’re still after me.

You’re still talking and talking
but you’re still in over your head
because you still talk and talk
by the gallon but
you still don’t wanna burn that padded bed.

And you still open wide for salt
when it’s pouring down your wounds
and you still bow to gravity
and you’re still taking it literally
and you’re still laying down the law
but you still don’t know the truth.

And you’re still not sure what’s happening here
because you’re still not gonna try
and you’re still addicted to way back when
instead of coming back to life.

And I know ya don’t wanna hear it
because ya still can’t stand to see
and I know you still won’t drop your guard
because I just might knock ya free.

Yeah but,
my point forever endlessly
is that you still don’t know you’re amazing.

You still don’t know you’re amazing.

You still don’t know you’re amazing
for the things you see.”

(from A Stretch of Presence)

Much Love and Respect to Kevin Harmon
and His Friends and Family.
My condolences for your loss.
My thanks for his life
and the impact it had on mine.