March 9, 2014

Today is.
Then today felt like it needed to make that sentence

That’s why we’re here

making dynamite
out of digital dust

leaving firework prints
on the final push

burning out
as a result of the rush

etching epitaphs
into the pie chart crust.

Yours reads “more.”
Mine reads “enough.”

There’s a telescope
in my lower tooth

so when the sky drops my jaw
I can see the truth

how nearly everything elliptically
serves its root

until dying
is no longer an issue.

…See y’all tonight in the Denver section of Colorado:
March 9, 2014 with Denver youth poets Minor Disturbance at The Mercury
2199 California Street, 5:30pm workshop ($5 students/$10 tickets at door)
8:30pm performance ($5students/$10 general at door)