October 17, 2009

So me and my old buddy from high school, Jaime
were walkin’  through the shopping mall in Bryan, Texas today
to pick up some wears for the road. I couldn’t help but notice
these fine designer crosses (note the sweet leopard print option):
designer crosses
Jaime pointed out the Lolita-scented candles in the same store.
Lord, who’s Lolita, and what does she smell like?

The other establishment that really drew us in (long enough
for me to stare at the owner in wonderment and take a photo)
was Hobbyland Toy Store, great for all the kids:
Bryan Toy Store

Obama was also in town today, with George senior, over at Texas A&M.
There were lots of protesters against Barack because…
they hate health care?

Couldn’t help but notice the uncanny number of rebel flag bumper stickers
which apparently signify “pride not prejudice.” Pride in…? The roots of prejudice?
rebel flag
So I entered “rebel flag” into Wikipedia…

Curious as a Cat,