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It’d be ridiculous to imply that this Heavy Hitters Festival I’m thrown will be a huge success just because @notmarcocollins took note of us today. It’s not like I’m currently searching for the boner emoji just because Marco Collins is watching; you know, the man who broke Beck, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Weezer, Alice In Chains, Death Cab, and a fistful of others; worked with Cypress Hill and Rage Against the Machine, landed in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame … For Chrissake, the guy clicked a Like button in passing. No reasonable fella like me would let that resonate as a good omen. Or suggest we’re on to something wildly special here. I mean there’s probably no chance Marco’s a sacred symbol of someone who knows the importance of having a voice. Or an intentional ripple effect. Or whale sonar. Really. You are a true story. Come write it. Link in bio. Stay tuned for the announcement of our headliner this week!